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R+ SerDes PHYs

Optimized for power and area, our line-up of SerDes PHYs, including recently acquired Snowbush IP, deliver maximum performance and flexibility for today’s most challenging systems


Solution Overview

R+ SerDes Products Product Brief Protocol Application
R+ 1-28G MPS PHY
1.25-28 Gbps Multi-protocol Server, Storage, Networking
R+ 1-16G MPS PHY
1.25-16 Gbps Multi-protocol Enterprise, High-Performance Computing
R+ 1-12G MPS PHY
1.25-12 Gbps Multi-protocol Networking, Graphics, Optical
1.25-6.375 Gbps Multi-protocol Server, Storage, Networking

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Faster time-to-market

Multi-modal support

Cost Effective Icon

Cost Effective

Flexible packaging options

Improved margin and yield

Reduced Power Icon

Reduced Power

Wide range of PLL clock multipliers

Fine-grain power up/down options

Improved Performance Icon

Improved Performance

Industry-leading data rates

Higher bandwidth

R+ SerDes Interfaces

Our R+ SerDes interfaces are high-quality, complete PHY solutions that were designed with a system-oriented approach in mind to maximize flexibility and make them easy to integrate. They have been optimized for power and area at peak bandwidth and enable our customers to differentiate while maintaining complete compatibility with industry standards.

The R+ SerDes interface family includes a range of solutions to meet your speed and application needs. Running up to 28gigabits per second (Gbps), our multi-protocol PHYs support server, storage, networking, graphics and optical applications.

R+ SerDes PHY configuration

R+ SerDes PHY configuration

What’s Included

We offer complete PHY solutions – our R+ Serial Link PHY includes a Physical Media Attachment (PMA) hard macro and Physical Coding Sub-layer with Built-in Self-Test (PCS-BIST) soft macro. That simplifies integration and minimizes time-to-market. The PHYs can also be configured to multiple channel widths and packaging options. Outside of the PHY itself, our solutions also include complete documentation and access to our in-house experts for optional design integration and bring-up support services to make integration as straightforward as possible.

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