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Machine learning in scientific fields

As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated and advanced, there are more practical uses for the technology. Machine learning can advance scientific achievement, especially where medicine and space-exploration is concerned. Since machine [...]

EU says blockchain can be a “game changer”

Blockchain in the European Union (EU) The European Commission (EC) recently debuted an action plan that outlines how the EC could potentially harness the opportunities presented by evolving FinTech. More specifically, the Commission wants to [...]

Fusing AI and semiconductors at CASPA 2018

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AI Trends and the Impact on Memory Systems Dr. Steven Woo, the Vice President of Systems and Solutions and Distinguished Inventor, Office of the CTO at Rambus, will be giving a keynote speech at the [...]

What’s next for machine learning?

Kevin Fogarty of Semiconductor Engineering recently wrote an article about the future of machine learning. As Fogarty observes, machine learning involves executing complex calculations on huge volumes of data with increasing efficiency. “Machine learning can [...]

Machine learning and customer experience in the digital realm

With the advent of programs such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have come a long way. For example, the front page of Amazon or YouTube would look [...]

HBM2 continues to ramp

Samsung ramps volume production of 8GB HBM2 Earlier this month, Samsung confirmed an increase in production volume of its 8-gigabyte (GB) High Bandwidth Memory-2 (HBM2) to meet growing market needs across a wide range of [...]

U.S. Director of National Intelligence highlights IoT security risks

Last week, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). Coats discussed a range of topics outlined in the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, including artificial [...]

Cryptography in the age of AI and quantum computing

Paul Kocher, a Rambus security technology advisor, recently sat down with Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering to discuss a wide range of topics, including the evolving cryptographic landscape in the age of quantum computing and [...]

The rise of high bandwidth memory (HBM)

Semiconductor Engineering’s Ann Steffora Mutschler recently penned an article about high bandwidth memory (HBM). As Mutschler observes, the latest iteration of HBM continues its rise as a viable contender in the memory space. Indeed, HBM [...]

ZDNet highlights Rambus’ role in Samsung’s 14nm tapeout

ZDNet journalist Cho Mu-Hyun reports that Samsung has confirmed a successful network processor tape-out based on the company’s 14LPP (Low-Power Plus) process technology in close collaboration with eSilicon and Rambus. “[Samsung] used its 14 Low-Power [...]

Happy 25th birthday, HAL!

Rambus Fellow Dr. David G. Stork recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering to mark the 25th birthday of HAL 9000, a (fictional) sentient computer which became operational on January 12, 1992 at the HAL [...]

Amazon eyes a new shopping paradigm with Go

Amazon is currently beta testing a new type of brick-and-mortar store that replaces the traditional checkout lines and registers with a Just Walk Out Shopping experience. Shoppers simply load up the Amazon Go app upon [...]

NVIDIA licenses DPA countermeasures

NVIDIA has licensed Rambus’ Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures to protect its visual computing products against side-channel attacks. As Dr. Martin Scott, GM of Rambus’ Security Division notes, NVIDIA products help drive performance for some [...]

Let’s talk about Money 20/20

Billed as the world’s largest payment and financial services event, Money 20/20 kicks off in Las Vegas on October 23rd. The Rambus team will be at booth 2525 in the Venetian Hotel, discussing all things [...]

From bots to artificial intelligence

Truphone co-founder James Tagg recently addressed the critical role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in helping smartphones and other technology platforms evolve. Tagg, who authored ‘Are The Androids Dreaming Yet,' kicked off his presentation in [...]

Brief memories and reflections on Marvin Minsky (1927–2016)

Written by Rambus Fellow Dr. David G. Stork The recent death of MIT Professor Marvin Minsky at age 88—one of the pioneers and central figures in the field of artificial intelligence, the discipline seeking to [...]