Securing Next-Generation Digital Video Content

The demand for high-quality viewing experiences is increasing with the anticipation of viewing 4K Ultra HD entertainment on multiple devices, making security paramount as we move closer to next-generation premium content. The SCSA consortium focuses on developing technologies to make it easy and secure for consumers to purchase, transfer and view content across multiple electronic devices. The VIDITY format enables studios to protect their premium content by working with device makers to comply with the SCSA security requirements for high-definition and premium content protection.

Rambus Cryptography Research Division has been selected to run the Key Issuance Center to deliver key distribution services for leading technology and media companies. As part of the management of the Key Issuance Center, Cryptography Research will be delivering encrypted keys to storage and player device manufacturers as well as content issuers. With this service, VIDITY-compatible devices are enabled to provide secure delivery and ownership of high-quality 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. For the past decade, Cryptography Research has delivered billions of encrypted keys for third parties with its CryptoFirewall and CryptoManager Platform technologies as part of its overall Trust Services offering.

The VIDITY format enables consumers to purchase and store premium digital content on hard drives and flash memory with a download-to-own usage model. Consumers can store their movies locally and watch on any device that supports playback, making it easy to move content across multiple devices with the same ultra-high quality.

Key Issuance Center

Key Issuance Center block diagram

Player device manufacturers, storage device manufacturers, and content issuers can get keys from the Key Issuance Center by clicking here.