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As an industry leader in tokenization solutions for online, mobile, card and account-based transactions, the family of Rambus Payment solutions provides comprehensive solutions for banks, financial institutions and retailers alike. From Host Card Emulation (HCE) and OEM Pays, to retail scan and go with real-time loyalty redemption, to tokenization of real-time payments (RTP) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, Rambus software and services, including technology from Bell ID, secure a wide range of applications for customers worldwide.
Mobile PaymentsProvision and manage tokens for NFC mobile payments, Host Card Emulation and integration with OEM wallets
Account TokenizationProtect sensitive account credentials for Real-time Payments and direct debit (ACH) transactions
Retail & E-Commerce PaymentsSecure unified buying experience both in-store and online with scan-and-go, integrated merchant wallets, mixed payment solutions and EMV network tokenization for e-commerce
Blockchain TokenizationSecure transaction and storage of crypto assets on blockchain using bank-grade, field-proven tokenization and encryption technologies
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Improved Time-to-Market

Reduce implementation time with a unified platform to connect to OEM Pay as well as bank and retail mobile wallets

Utilize HCE technology to quickly bring mobile payments solutions to market

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Enhanced User Experience

Retain branding and drive digital engagement with bank and retail mobile wallets

Increase customer adoption with support for major mobile payment platform

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Superior Security

Utilizes tokenization to minimize unauthorized use of cardholder or account data

Can provide layered security with cryptograms, domain controls and tokenization

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Reduced Cost

Integrates with existing infrastructure and processes

Support closed-loop payments to reduce transaction fees

Protecting Digital Value with Tokens

Tokenization is a security technology that uses a unique digital identifier, or token, to protect sensitive information like cardholder account details. By replacing sensitive account information with a limited use token, including domain controls for device or channel, tokenization mitigates fraud risk and protects the underlying value of credentials.

Proven in high volume as part of the EMVCo specification for card and mobile NFC payments, Rambus tokenization software solutions have successfully secured over 100 billion transactions worldwide. Tokenization can be applied to a broad range of applications to enhance the confidentiality and privacy of data and digital assets including account-to-account payments, e-commerce, personal and device identity, medical records, ticketing and blockchain.

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Mobile Scan and Go

Scan and Go: How Mobile Wallets are Transforming Retail

Brick-and-mortar merchants are in the midst of a period of unprecedented disruption. Long-term structural trends mean that retailers must address decreasing revenues and escalating costs, while evolving the in-store experience to meet the demands of the connected consumer. To be successful, however, retailers must focus innovation efforts on solutions that can immediately increase revenues, enhance the buying experience and deliver operational efficiencies. For this reason, transformative technologies such as mobile scan-and-go solutions are coming to the fore, with deployments across the world gaining momentum.

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