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As an industry leader in tokenization solutions for online, mobile, card and account-based transactions, the family of Rambus Payment solutions provides comprehensive solutions for banks, financial institutions and retailers alike. From Host Card Emulation (HCE) and OEM Pays, to retail scan and go with real-time loyalty redemption, to tokenization of real-time payments (RTP) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, Rambus software and services, including technology from Bell ID, secure a wide range of applications for customers worldwide.

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Payments SolutionsProduct BriefDescription
Unified Payment Platform
Digitizes payment, gift, and loyalty cards in addition to coupons into a single mobile wallet app, creating a frictionless shopping experience
Payment Account Tokenization
Enables central banks and financial institutions to secure account-based transactions like RTP and ACH with tokenization
Token Service Provider
Enables organizations such as payment issuers and payment processors to perform the role of Token Service Provider as defined by EMVCo
Tokenization Management
Easily generate, issue and manage tokenized card numbers to secure mobile payments
Host Card Emulation
Enables mobile NFC transactions to be made by storing and accessing credentials in a remote environment rather than on the mobile device
Token Gateway
A single interface to multiple network tokenization services to request EMV payment card tokens for e-commerce and digital wallets (HCE).
EMV Smart Card ManagementSecurely and easily Issue and manage the lifecycle of EMV chip cards
Secure Element Management
Enables secure element owners to delegate ownership to service providers through security domains

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Improved Time-to-Market

Reduce implementation time with a unified platform to connect to OEM Pay as well as bank and retail mobile wallets

Utilize HCE technology to quickly bring mobile payments solutions to market

Enhanced User Experience icon

Enhanced User Experience

Retain branding and drive digital engagement with bank and retail mobile wallets

Increase customer adoption with support for major mobile payment platform

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Superior Security

Utilizes tokenization to minimize unauthorized use of cardholder or account data

Can provide layered security with cryptograms, domain controls and tokenization


Reduced Cost

Integrates with existing infrastructure and processes

Support closed-loop payments to reduce transaction fees

Mobile and Retail Payment Solutions

NFC-based mobile payments offer many advantages to consumers, retailers and financial institutions alike. For consumers, mobile wallets provide a convenient, “tap and go” frictionless shopping experience, seamlessly integrating credit/debit cards, gift cards, loyalty points and coupons, while leveraging enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication and biometrics. For retailers, mobile wallets result in cost reductions and offer higher customer satisfaction through a frictionless check out experience and personalized recommendations. Finally, for banks mobile wallets result in enhanced protection from fraud and the ability to offer value added services.

Enabling Mobile Payments for NFC devices

Diagram for Enabling Mobile Payments for NFC devices

Future of Mobile Payments video thumbnail

See how Rambus is bringing simplicity and trust back to mobile payments

Rambus mobile payment solutions offer a single, modular software platform that can enable payment issuers and retailers to safely load and manage cards onto NFC smartphones. Our technology adapts to any mobile payments ecosystem – whether card credentials are stored on the device or in the cloud using host card emulation (HCE) – and ensures security through tokenization. With our software, customers can fulfill the role of a token service provider (TSP), securing transactions by removing vulnerable card data from the payment network.

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Download Scan and Go: How Mobile Wallets are Transforming Retail

Scan and Go: How Mobile Wallets are Transforming Retail

Brick-and-mortar merchants are in the midst of a period of unprecedented disruption. Long-term structural trends mean that retailers must address decreasing revenues and escalating costs, while evolving the in-store experience to meet the demands of the connected consumer. To be successful, however, retailers must focus innovation efforts on solutions that can immediately increase revenues, enhance the buying experience and deliver operational efficiencies. For this reason, transformative technologies such as mobile scan-and-go solutions are coming to the fore, with deployments across the world gaining momentum.

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Account-based Payment Solutions

Real-time payments (RTP) and direct debit (ACH) payments – where transactions are made using account credentials rather than payment cards – are seeing increasing levels of fraud. Payment Account Tokenization leverages a proven process used to secure card payments to replace the valuable account credentials with non-sensitive, restricted use tokens. This process can significantly reduce the risk and impact of account-based fraud to support the development of a safe and secure instant payments framework. Over time, real account numbers will no longer be shared, meaning they cannot be stolen. The ability to tailor the security level of tokenization itself – by adding domain controls or cryptograms – will also be key as tokens used outside of their pre-defined parameters are easily identifiable and the transaction can be automatically declined.

Payment Account Tokenization diagram

Click here to read how Rambus mobile payment technology is making our customer’s products better.

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