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Responsible for the generation, issuance assignment and lifecycle management of temporary Personal Account Numbers (PANs), or payment tokens, the Rambus Token Service Provider (TSP), including technology from Bell ID, is a modular platform that combines tokenization with Host Card Emulation (HCE) to enable payment issuers and processors to perform a wide variety of roles in the payment process.


Product Brief

How Token Service Provider works

In today’s mobile payment ecosystem, TSPs are entities that generate and deliver payment tokens to registered token requestors, such as OEM Pay wallets or e-commerce merchants, to safely complete mobile payment transactions. Tokenization is used to protect payment credentials by replacing them with a randomly generated number that resembles the customer’s PAN. The unique identifier, known as a ‘payment token’ or ‘tokenized PAN’, is worthless if stolen, as it essentially acts as a reference for a consumer’s original card data which only the card networks and/or the consumer’s bank can map back to the original account.

Watch Token Service Provider

Watch Token Service Provider

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The Rambus Token Service Provider is a comprehensive software platform that offers many different solutions within the tokenized payment infrastructure. Some of the key capabilities featured in the platform include:

  • Tokenization Management – reduces fraud by removing confidential consumer card data from the payment network and replacing it with unique tokens. This includes tokenization of primary account numbers (PAN), token vault, de-tokenization, domain management, clearing and settlement support, and identification and verification support.
  • Host Card Emulation – emulates the functionality of a physical secure element (SE) in the cloud for use with Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions, compliant with American Express, VISA, and MasterCard specifications featuring a plug-in for mobile wallets
  • Transaction Management – enables issuers to perform transactions by calculating cryptogram version numbers (CVNs) on behalf of the authorization host. It includes cryptogram validation, assurance level validation, PAN processing, and messaging.
  • Trusted Service Manager – issues contactless payment cards and provisions static card data and dynamic key material to a physical SE on a mobile device.
Mobile Payment Ecosystem diagram

The Token Service Provider Within a Mobile Payment Ecosystem

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