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HCE Ticket Wallet Service

The HCE Ticket Wallet Service enables transport operators to easily and securely transition tickets from physical to virtual smart cards, while maintaining compatibility with their existing infrastructure.

HCE for Ticketing

The era of smart phones is redefining public transport, providing ease-of-use, security and convenience to travel seamlessly across multiple modes of transport. By leveraging Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology, which has been proven in high volume for mobile payments, this solution delivers secure mobile ticketing to NFC-enabled smart phones across all mobile network providers.

In mobile payments, HCE leverages the cloud to store and access credentials and keys remotely rather relying on access to a secure element (SE). In doing so, HCE can offer the security of a smart card while enabling broad adoption across NFC-enabled smart phones and mobile network operators.

When applied to transport, HCE enables operators to offer the mobile ticketing experience travelers have come to want and expect by providing a mobile app to securely store and use tickets directly on their mobile devices. Rather than storing tickets on traditional plastic smart cards, they are stored on a virtual smart card in a secured app that can then be used to tap through gates to travel.

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Transforming the Smart Ticketing Market with Host Card Emulation

For transport operators seeking to modernize their fare systems, HCE mobile ticketing solutions, which are compatible with existing ITSO-based infrastructure, offer the same ‘shopper friendly’ convenience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a transport environment, as it effectively replaces yet another plastic smart card with a secure digital travel wallet.
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How the HCE Ticket Wallet Service works

The HCE Ticket Wallet Service is a virtual card issuance service that securely provisions and manages a ticket wallet (or a virtual smart card) directly on a mobile device. Once provisioned to a smartphone, the HCE Mobile Ticket Wallet acts as the secure shell to enable the download and storage of tickets by travelers anytime and anywhere.

Available as a standalone or combined with the Rambus HCE Ticketing App, the HCE Ticket Wallet Service provides transport operators everything required to integrate HCE technology into their consumer products, enabling travelers to store and use tickets on their NFC-enabled smartphone.

The HCE Ticket Wallet Service can be used with existing smart ticketing deployments and infrastructure, including ITSO-based systems. It features APIs for third-party developers to facilitate the seamless integration of the Rambus HCE mobile ticketing solution with current or future products.

HCE Ticket Wallet diagram
As highlighted in the diagram, the HCE Ticket Wallet Service manages the HCE ITSO Shell on the customer’s mobile phone that acts as a ticket wallet for the ITSO products stored by the customer. This is initialized by the HCE Solution Server, issuing the shell onto the mobile phone and securely binding the shell to that mobile phone. The HCE Solution Server also provides ongoing management of the security of HCE ITSO shell. The HCE Ticket Wallet Service is provided with the APIs necessary for the operator branded HCE application to read, create and update the products on the shell. Standard ITSO POSTs access the HCE ITSO Shell through the NFC interface of the mobile phone, and it appears to them like a standard ITSO card.
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Going Mobile with Rambus HCE Ticketing

Despite the popularity of physical smart cards, the smart ticketing space is steadily evolving as transport operators introduce new payment and travel options for NFC-enabled smartphones. HCE, which offers the same ‘shopper-friendly’ experience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a retail environment, is a key driver of mobile technology in the public transportation sector.
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Solution Offerings

  • Store smart tickets in an app
  • Use the phone like a smartcard to access transport infrastructure
  • Tickets are secured on the phone making the most of the security capabilities of that phone
  • Secure app provisioning ensures that the app is linked to the customer’s account
  • Develop your own app around on-phone ticket storage, or enhance your current app
  • Integrates with Rambus Ecebs HCE Ticketing App
  • HCE app provisioning service
  • Secure ticket storage on the phone
  • Secure ticket access via NFC mimics standard smartcard
  • Access to phone binding information to allow you to associate an app with a customer

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