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Smart Ticket Checker

Available for free on Google Play, the Rambus Smart Ticket Checker app, including technology from Ecebs, allows smart travel cardholders to read the contents of their smart card using an NFC-enabled smart phone or tablet.


Smart Ticket Checker android diagram

Smart Ticket Checker for Android

How the Smart Ticket Checker app works

The Android-based app allows travelers to see the content on their smart card including pay-as-you-go balances, tickets purchased, and transaction history. The app is easy to use – simply download the app, hold the smart card against the phone or tablet and read all of the information stored on the card in the Smart Ticket Checker app.

The smart ticket checker app can also be customized with specific transport scheme branding and complements the Rambus Remote Ticket Download solution for over-the-air ticket purchase and download.

In addition, Rambus has developed apps for transport operators including a Smart Ticket Inspector as a economical, portable ticket inspection solution, and a Smart Ticket Converter to quickly and easily transfer existing paper tickets to smart tickets.

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