Cryptography Research at Rambus

Silicon IP solutions for defense-grade SoCs, ASICs, and FPGA systems

Secure Supply Chain Provisioning

Cryptography Research at Rambus provides a secure manufacturing platform  which scales from key provisioning for prototype system exploration (dozens of devices), to full SoC production at mass-production scale (dozens of mass production facilities).

Security IP

Cryptography Research at Rambus provides a wide array of tamper-resistant, quantum-safe security IP cores that protect data at rest, in motion and in use.

Our “soft IP” security cores include low-level protocol cores (e.g., symmetric, secure digest, public key, post-quantum), fully integrated Root of Trust cores, and high-level networking protocol cores (e.g., MACsec and IPsec). Several of the Rambus Root of Trust IP cores have been certified to meet FIPS 140 CMVP requirements, and Rambus is the only merchant supplier of FIPS CMVP-certified Root of Trust IP available for licensing.

Interface IP

Cryptography Research at Rambus offers high-performance memory interface and interconnect subsystems for ASICs and SoCs from trusted foundry partners. Solutions include

  • DDR4 PHYs and Controllers
  • DDR3 PHYs and Controllers
  • LPDDR5/4 Controllers
  • 32G/16G Multiprotocol SerDes PHYs
  • PCI Express 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.1 Controllers


Find out more about Silicon IP solutions from Cryptography Research at Rambus here.

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