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Server DIMM Chipsets

Made for high speed, reliability and power efficiency, our DDR memory chipsets for RDIMM, LRDIMM and NVDIMM server modules deliver top-of-the-line performance and capacity for the next wave of enterprise and data center servers
ProductsPart NumberData Rate
DDR5 DIMM Chipset  
DDR4 Non-volatile Register Clock DriveriDDR4NVRCD21600/1866/2133/2400/2666/2933/3200
DDR4 Register Clock DriveriDDR4RCD-GS022400/2666
DDR4 Data BufferiDDR4DB2-GS022400/2666
DDR3 Register Clock DriverINSSTE32882XV1600/1866/2133
DDR3 Isolation Memory BufferiMB02-GS02B1600/1866
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Superior Performance

Fully compliant with the latest JEDEC performance specifications for DDR4 2400 Mbps

Operational up to 2666 Mbps

enhanced-margin icon

Enhanced Margin

Wide margin I/O design with advanced programmability

Exceeds JEDEC reliability standards for ESD and EOS

optimized-power icon

Optimized Power

Advanced power management

Frequency-based, low-power optimization

best-in-class-debug icon

Best-in-class Debug

Integrated tools for bring-up and debug

Works out-of-the-box with default BIOS


Our DDR3 and DDR4 chipsets, recently acquired from Inphi, for RDIMM and LRDIMM enable top-of-the-line performance and capacity with optimized power efficiency to advance critical data center and enterprise server infrastructure for the growing demands of big data. Our DDR4 non-volatile register clock driver enables NVDIMM-N persistent memory products and paves the way emerging NVDIMM-P architectures.


Our chipsets feature industry-leading I/O performance and margin, running up to 2666 Mbps and leveraging advanced power management techniques to meet stringent thermal requirements and reduce cost of ownership. The server DIMM chipsets enable a wide array of memory-intensive applications, including real-time analytics, in-memory computing, virtualization and business intelligence.

The chipsets simplify cross-platform SKU management with a wide operating range and works with the default system BIOS to ease integration. Combined with best-in-class debug and support capabilities, the DDR memory chipsets for RDIMM, LRDIMM and NVDIMM ensure rapid integration, faster time-to-market and robust system operation.

High Speed Memory Interface Chipsets Let Server Performance Fly

High Speed Memory Interface Chipsets Let Server Performance Fly

The demands on server performance continue to increase at a tremendous pace. New requirements from large in-memory databases that are powering today’s cloud services and advanced analytics tools are arriving just as the impact of Moore’s Law is starting to slow. One key new opportunity is for high-speed server memory interface chipsets, which enable high-speed memory performance without compromising on memory capacities. Companies looking to optimize their server memory architecture designs, and improve their overall server performance and reliability, should give serious consideration to optimized DDR4 memory interface chipsets, which enhance the performance of server memory modules.