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Survey: Mobile wallet payments are poised for growth

A new survey conducted by First Annapolis confirms that mobile wallets have proliferated over the past year, with issuers introducing proprietary solutions to compete with Apple, Samsung and Android Pay. Interestingly, two thirds of respondents [...]

Creating a compelling shopping experience with mobile payments

Simon Hill of Digital Trends recently observed that while the concept of ditching physical wallets and having all digital cards on our phones is undeniably attractive, it simply isn’t enough. “Even when mobile payment systems [...]

Wanted: Seamless mobile payments

Trip Chowdhry, managing director with Global Equities Research, tells George Avalos of The Mercury News that the digital wallet business has gotten off to a rough start. “There have been many false starts in this industry,” says [...]

Rambus is one of Visa’s new token service providers

Rambus has been chosen as a partner to participate in Visa’s token service provider program (TSP). According to Visa, broader access to new standards such as tokenization are set to be in growing demand as [...]

Rambus teams with Google and Interac® on Android Pay in Canada

Rambus has confirmed that it is working with Google and Interac Association / Acxsys Corporation (Interac), the organizations behind Canada's leading payment brand, to enable Interac Debit on Android Pay in Canada. With the Interac [...]

Checkout queues – soon to be a thing of the past?

European retailers need to maximize shopping experience as Amazon Go heads to Europe Amazon has been a source of stiff competition for online retailers around the world of many years. And, with the launch of [...]

Asia, Middle East and Australia: Mobile Payments Adoption Around the World

Written by Alex Chung, Head Business Development Asia Pacific Japan As part of the Seamless Payments event series, the Rambus Payments team has been in Singapore, Dubai and Melbourne, discussing the key trends that are driving [...]

EU mobile payments market to hit $165 billion by 2021

A new Forrester Research report finds that the European mobile payments market will hit $165 billion by 2021. BizReport’s Helen Leggatt, who cites the Forrester Report, notes that mobile in-person payments, along with remote payments [...]

Mobile wallets accounted for 90% of the total contactless transactions in the U.S.

A new report published by Juniper Research confirms that mobile wallets accounted for 90% of the total contactless transactions in the U.S. during 2016. In contrast, cards accounted for well over 90% of transactions by value [...]

The evolving mobile wallet

Xiaofeng Wang, a senior analyst at Forrester, recently penned an article in Forbes that explores what global mobile wallet players can learn from Asia’s digital leaders. According to Wang, the future of mobile wallets is [...]

Mobile payments: Looking beyond Amazon Go

Nick Ismail of the Information Age has penned an article about the future retail experience in the era of Amazon Go and beyond. As Ismail notes, Amazon Go heralds a new way of thinking for [...]

HCE adoption to increase 5-fold over the next 4 years

Juniper Research analysts have termed 2015/16 “watershed years” for HCE (Host Card Emulation) in terms of commercial service rollouts. Indeed, at least 194 banks introduced such services by the end of 2016, while Juniper expects [...]

What does a seamless ‘buying experience’ look like?

Within the mobile payments industry, the term ‘buying experience’ is becoming increasingly prevalent as the focus moves away from the enabling technologies and the act of paying, towards enriching interactions with the consumer. But what [...]

Frictionless commerce and the future shopping experience

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently penned an article for the Huffington Post (UK) that explores the concept of frictionless commerce and its impact on the future shopping experience. Indeed, mobile retail wallets have made it [...]

How HCE is accelerating mobile payment adoption

Last week, Alex Rolfe of Payments Cards & Mobile wrote an article titled “HCE – The way to move mobile payments forward fast.” As Rolfe observes, the technology to enable mobile contactless payments has been [...]

What is Samsung Pay?

Considering Samsung’s position as the world’s largest smartphone vendor (Source: IDC) and one of the most recognizable global brands (Source: Interbrand), the launch of Samsung Pay in 2015 was a hugely significant landmark in the [...]

How trust can level the mobile playing field

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel has written an article for IDG Connect about the changing mobile payments landscape. According to Nadel, the mobile payments ecosystem has evolved into a complex network of providers that includes card networks, [...]

Securely converting and managing digital values for consumers

A host of emerging technologies are poised to radically personalize consumer experiences. Many retailers are feeling immense pressure to devise the perfect plan for a seamless customer experience—an experience that leverages digitization to provide customers [...]

What is Android Pay?

Advances in technology, awareness and accessibility have led to an impressive expansion of mobile payments services across the globe. By 2020, 90% of all smartphone users are expected to have made a mobile payment (Source: [...]

Enhancing the buying experience at Mobey Forum Rotterdam

Written by André Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments Last week we hosted Mobey Forum’s largest ever member meeting at our Rotterdam office. We were thrilled to welcome organizations and experts from around the world [...]

Boston Fed team tests mobile and digital wallets

Elisa Tavilla of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has penned a detailed white paper describing a mobile-digital wallet analysis project recently conducted by the financial institution. The project, which ran from June 2015 - [...]

Rambus talks mobile wallets at Mobey Forum

Mobey Forum Executive Director Maikki Frisk recently interviewed Rambus Payments Director of Product Marketing André Stoorvogel about the future of mobile wallets. According to Stoorvogel, the convenience factor by itself isn’t enough of an incentive [...]

These wearables support contactless payments

JP Buntix of The Merkle has compiled a short list of the top five wearables supporting contactless payments. These include Disney’s MagicBand, the Jawbone UP4, the Ring of Things, BPay Jacket and Visa’s sunglasses. The [...]

Going mobile with Rambus HCE Ticketing

The adoption of smart cards as an alternative to paper and magnetic stripe tickets continues to increase. Deployments such as Oyster in London and Octopus in Hong Kong illustrate the success of smart card-based ticketing [...]

How banks can accelerate mobile wallet adoption

Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently penned an article in Global Banking and Finance Review that explores how banks can help accelerate the adoption of mobile wallets. As Nadel notes, many payments players, including banks, have [...]

Retailers – game changers of the mobile payments industry?

Written by André Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments We predicted that 2017 would be the year of ‘Mobile Payments 2.0’, with seamless payment methods, value-added services and alternative payment channels coming to the fore. [...]

What to expect: Mobey Forum Rotterdam

Written by André Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments As a leading FinTech hub, there’s no better setting than Rotterdam for the industry’s experts to share ideas, insight and experiences. This is why we are [...]

Why mobile wallets are more secure than payment cards

Ahmad Raza, the founder of, recently penned an article in the Huffington Post that explores why mobile wallets are more secure than traditional payment cards. As Raza points out, the latest Capital One Rewards [...]

Rambus’ Unified Payment Platform is on PaymentWeek


Earlier this week, Mike Dautner of PaymentWeek covered the launch of Rambus’ Unified Payment Platform which was unveiled at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. “Rambus announced some exciting news regarding a comprehensive mobile payments platform to [...]

Europe’s mobile wallet problem

Chris Donkin of Mobile World Live recently penned an article about how mobile wallets are suffering an “identity crisis” in Europe. As Donkin observes, Juniper Research’s latest analysis of the mobile wallet market shows Europe [...]

Rambus showcases the future of mobile payments and smart ticketing at MWC 2017


Rambus showcased its mobile payment and smart ticketing solutions in booth #7J31 (Fira Gran Via) at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. “We demonstrated how consumers can digitize physical payment cards in a secure mobile [...]

Accelerating mobile wallet adoption with Rambus’ Unified Payment Platform


Rambus has launched a comprehensive mobile payments platform to enhance payment security, reduce operational costs and increase revenue for retailers. According to Rambus president and CEO Dr. Ron Black, the Rambus Unified Payment Platform securely [...]

Becoming makers of better

Becoming makers of better On February 27th at Mobile World Congress, Bell ID and Ecebs officially start an exciting new chapter as ‘Rambus Security’. In this blog, Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and general [...]

Mobile payments: Looking beyond millennials

The number of mobile payment users is projected to increase from 50.8 million to 76.0 million, or 24.3% to 33.1% of total smartphone users, between 2017 and 2020. In addition, mobile payment transaction value is [...]

Android Wear 2.0 supports HCE mobile payments

Last week, Google released the fifth and final developer preview for Android Wear 2.0. The dev preview includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, along with support for NFC host card emulation (HCE) to enable [...]

Are we going cashless?

André Pfohlmann, an associate for the Banking Industry Business Unit at SAP, recently wrote an article in DigitalistMag that explores the recent trend amongst millennials and certain countries towards a cashless society. “There is research [...]

The wearables-mobile payment connection

Kirsty Tull, director of marketing and communications,, has written an article for MobilePaymentsToday about the positive role wearables could potentially play in the mobile payments sector. “Wearable payment devices and mobile payments are tightly [...]

The need to simplify tokenization for mobile payments

André Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing at Rambus, describes the increasing challenges associated with managing tokenization activity. As Stoorvogel notes in a blog post, banks around the world are working to develop, launch and expand mobile payments [...]

Mobile proximity payments to hit $92 billion by 2019


With mobile proximity payments projected to reach $92 billion by 2019, merchants and card issuers are reportedly rushing to release branded mobile apps that capitalize on both in-store and online payments growth. According to Javelin, [...]

How can banks simplify tokenization?

Banks around the world are working to develop, launch or expand the mobile payments services they offer to their customers. Many issuers already support the ‘OEM Pays’ – Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay [...]

Securing mobile payments with biometrics

Sarah Clark of Mitek recently told Pymnts that biometrics are perceived by both consumers and financial institutions as an ideal enabler for securely validating mobile transactions. “Based on the proliferation of mobile devices and the [...]

Let’s talk about mobile payments 2.0

André Stoorvogel, head of marketing at Rambus Bell ID, recently penned an article for FinTech about the future of mobile payments. As Stoorvogel emphasizes, providing consumers with a truly frictionless experience is the “holy grail” [...]

Smart shopping with beacons

Beacons are hardware transmitters that broadcast their identifier via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to smartphones in close proximity. Once opted in with a mobile app, consumers can use beacons strategically placed throughout a [...]

2017 – Introducing Mobile Payments 2.0

Difficult Second Album, Sophomore Slump, Second Year Blues - it’s not easy maintaining success. Happily, following its breakout year in 2015, the mobile payments industry has seen continued innovation and growth in 2016. So, as [...]

The digital evolution of the retail experience

Craig Guillot of Samsung’s Insights recently noted that millennial shopping habits have prompted retailers to adapt with the creation of more personalized, seamless experiences fueled by technology. Indeed, over 85 percent of U.S. millennials own [...]

Amazon eyes a new shopping paradigm with Go

Amazon is currently beta testing a new type of brick-and-mortar store that replaces the traditional checkout lines and registers with a Just Walk Out Shopping experience. Shoppers simply load up the Amazon Go app upon [...]

Biometric security and the future of mobile payments

According to Patrick Moorhead, Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, security has become one of the “biggest issues” in today’s technologically-connected society. “We use mobile devices to transfer money, pay bills and even to [...]

Augmented Reality (AR) goes shopping

Qualcomm defines Augmented Reality (AR) as the superimposition of digital content on top of a view of the real world. Popularized by games such as Pokémon GO, the technology facilitates significant opportunities for brick-and-mortar stores. [...]

Mobile wallet use up in 2016

A recent survey commissioned by Capital One has found that nearly one quarter (24%) of respondents are using mobile wallets in some capacity, with 16% leveraging the technology to make purchases. Of the 24%, more [...]

U.S. mobile payments ready to ramp

New research published by eMarketer confirms that 38.4 million Americans 14 and over will have used their mobile phones to pay at a point of sale at least once in the preceding six months during [...]