Key Design Points To Consider: GDDR6 and HBM2 DRAMs

The industry is seeing continued growth in the need for high memory bandwidths to process and extract meaning from the increasing amounts of digital data in the world. The industry continues to be abuzz about [...]

Micron Taps CryptoManager Platform for Secure Provisioning To Authenta Technology

The latest news coming out of the security world is the link up of Micron’s Authenta™ secure memory product and Rambus’s CryptoManager™ infrastructure to add greater protection for industrial IoT devices, as well as medical, [...]

Rambus Highlights CryptoManager Root of Trust At RISC V Summit -2018

We will be showcasing our CryptoManager Root of Trust at the RISC-V Summit on December 3-6,2018, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.. CryptoManager Root of Trust is a fully programmable root of trust core that [...]

The blockchain…not as secure as you think

With fraud, breaches and threats reaching pandemic proportions across the entire digital ecosystem, the blockchain is hyped as an instant fix to resolve security challenges for use-cases spanning financial services, retail, real estate, healthcare and [...]

A Potential Measure against Side Channel Attacks with DPASL

With the proliferation of connected devices and the sensitive data they produce comes a significant challenge for manufacturers seeking to comprehensively protect their devices from exploits and attacks. As devices and services get more sophisticated [...]

The Introduction of Contactless Payments in the New York City Subway

The largest transit system in the United States, and perhaps the Western world, is finally ready to catch up technology-wise, with plans to implement a contactless card system in its turnstiles in a manner not to dissimilar from the London Underground. To help facilitate this, banks have begun to issue contactless cards.

How Semiconductors are Still Relevant in an Increasingly Digitized Age

Semiconductors are becoming more and more important to the future of technology. As an integral part of our tools since the 1950s, they have been powering every computerized device. As software becomes more sophisticated, and as Moore’s Law is fading from prominence, some may wonder how semiconductors can keep up in this increasingly mobile and digitized age.

Crypto, commerce and a competitive edge – what we learnt at Money 20/20

The financial technology sector converged on Las Vegas for Money 20/20 last week, bringing together the biggest industry names to discuss the future of the payments, finance and commerce. Following four days of discussions, hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees, what caught our eye at Money 20/20?

Ant Financial’s UEFA Soccer Kick Off

Alipay has partnered with UEFA to bring its payments platform to events sanctioned by games featuring the organization’s men’s national football teams, most notably the Euro 2020 and Euro 2024 tournaments. The terms of the arrangement, to last eight years, were not made public as of November, 2018, according to CNBC.

Rambus Donates To California Wildfire Victims

Firefighters are battling three major California wildfires. One is in Northern California in Butte County; another is the Woolsey fire in between LA and Ventura County; and the third is the Hill Fire in Ventura [...]