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October 8, 2020

Join us for a day of virtual sessions covering the selection and implementation of IP solutions for the data center, 5G/edge and IoT devices including advancing the performance of AI/ML applications.

Connect with a community of industry experts and gain insights and practical information for the implementation of their next-generation SoCs. Register to secure your spot here.

Featured Speakers

John Eble

VP, Product Marketing, Rambus

Frank Ferro

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Rambus

Joe Gow

Sr. Director, Product Management, Rambus

Phani Paladugu

Director, Field Applications Engineering, Rambus

Neeraj Paliwal

VP and GM, Rambus Security

Shane Rau

Research Vice President, Computing Semiconductors, IDC

Joe Rodriguez

Product Marketing Manager, Rambus

Vinitha Seevaratnam

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Rambus

Ed Sperling

Editor in Chief, Semiconductor Engineering

Bart Stevens

Sr. Director of Product Management, Rambus

Gijs Willemse

Sr. Director of Product Management, Rambus

Steven Woo

Fellow and Distinguished Inventor


9:00am – 10:45am PST – Protecting Data at Rest and in Motion

With the rising value of data travelling across the global network, implementing robust hardware-level security is more important than ever. Technology experts from the Rambus security business will discuss the methodology of security by design, and the implementation of hardware root of trust and protocol engine solutions. A live Q&A session will follow the presentations.

11:00am – 11:45am PST – Roundtable: Data Center Evolution

IDC research vice president, Shane Rau, will lay out the macro trends that are shaping the future of the data center, and the impact on compute and network device architectures. Technology leaders from across Rambus will share the chip and IP solutions that can take data center performance and security to the next level. Ed Sperling from SemiEngineering will moderate the panel.

12:00pm – 1:45pm PST – Moving Data Faster

With data across the global internet rising at an exponential rate driven by compute-intensive workloads such as AI/ML, higher data rates and more bandwidth are an imperative. Technology experts from the Rambus interface IP business will provide insights and recommendations for implementing HBM2E and GDDR6 high-bandwidth memory, and the latest-generation PCIe 5 interface solution. A live Q&A session will follow the presentations.

2:00pm – 2:45pm PST – Keynote: How Bandwidth is Key to Unlocking Greater AI Performance

Rambus fellow and distinguished inventor, Dr. Steven Woo, will explore the latest developments in AI/ML training and inference. AI/ML performance is advancing at an astonishing rate thanks to purpose-built AI accelerators. Dr. Woo will discuss how emerging memory and system interfaces are key to providing the bandwidth needed for the next generation of AI/ML hardware. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation.

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