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(Smart) watch this space: Wearables and mobile payments

Smartwatches began as an extension of a user’s smartphone. For example, the Moto 360 can forward notifications, removing the need to take one’s phone out of their pocket or bag. Smartwatches can also measure heart-rate and access cellular data in the case of the Samsung Gear S2 and the recently-released 2017 Apple Watch. Of course, […]

Tokenization: Beyond payments

In an age where users are becoming more reliant on sharing sensitive data, fraud is on the rise. The Federal Trade Commission’s online database of consumer complaints reports 13 million complaints from 2012-2016, 42 percent of which were fraud related, and 13 percent, identity theft complaints. The rise in fraud comes amid growing security measures, […]

Mobile QR code coupon redemptions to hit $5.3 billion by 2022

Juniper Research analysts are reporting that the number of Quick Response (QR) code coupons redeemed via mobile will reach 5.3 billion by 2022, up from an estimated 1.3 billion in 2017. More specifically, the use of QR codes to deliver coupons and discount offers will increase substantially, as Apple leads the way with in-built QR […]

NFC, QR Codes, In-app and beyond…

‘Mobile payments’ is a broad term. As the ecosystem has developed, various new technologies have emerged to change the way we act and transact in-store. Integrating new with the old Some mobile payment technologies are focused on seamlessly connecting the mobile device to the existing payments infrastructure. NFC leading the way After an uncertain start, […]

2018 trends: Safer data, faster payments, better experiences

Fundamental shifts in consumer behavior, the emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means the payments ecosystem is poised for unprecedented transformation in 2018. The demand for safer data, faster payments and better experiences presents great opportunity, but also significant challenges.   Safer data for emerging payments The way we pay is changing. […]

Beat the Black Friday blues with faster payments and safer data

Retailers must respond to evolving behaviors and manage huge increases in footfall, but still deliver the exceptional in-store experience consumers demand. They must also contend with increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and react to rapidly evolving security threats.

How brick-and-mortar retailers can survive in the digital age

The feeling of walking into a physical shop. The anticipation one has of finding the item they want, inspecting it, then taking it to a register to purchase it. They have become memories of a bygone era. Or have they? Brick-and-mortar retailers find themselves in an awkward position in the age of the internet. The advent of […]

Will wearables accelerate digital wallet adoption?

W.B. King of the Credit Union Journal recently reported that credit unions are eyeing wearables as another aspect of digital wallet adoption. According to CO-OP Financial Service CEO Todd Clark, wearable payments – whether made from a watch, a jacket, a pair of sunglasses – are all powered by digital wallets. “Credit union executives see very […]

Rambus teams with eftpos for Android Pay in Australia

eftpos, the Australian domestic debit network, is now using Rambus Token Service Provider (TSP) technology to securely digitize payment cards to support Android Pay. Put simply, tokenization replaces sensitive financial information with unique reference numbers to minimize the risk of fraud. To tokenize a payment transaction, the primary account number (PAN) is sent to a […]

Rambus teams with eftpos for Android Pay in Australia

Token Service Provider technology secures mobile payments for Australia’s largest debit card system SUNNYVALE, CA and MELBOURNE, Australia – Nov. 13, 2017 – Today Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS) announced that eftpos, the Australian domestic debit network, is using the Rambus Token Service Provider (TSP) technology to securely digitize payment cards to support Android Pay. The […]

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