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Mobile Payments

From Host Card Emulation (HCE) and tokenization, to empowering organizations to become their own Token Service Provider (TSP), Rambus Bell ID software provides a comprehensive, mobile payment solution to banks and retailers worldwide that loads and manages payment credentials on Near Field Communication (NFC)-based smartphones and connected devices.


Mobile Payment Solutions Description
Token Service Provider Enables organizations such as payment issuers and payment processors to perform the role of Token Service Provider as defined by EMVCo
Host Card Emulation Enables mobile NFC transactions to be made by storing and accessing credentials in a remote environment rather than on the mobile device
Token Gateway Designed to remove mobile payments complexity for banks by providing a single easy to use interface for various tokenized payment schemes

improved-time-to-market icon

Improved Time-to-Market

Reduce implementation time with a unified platform to connect to OEM Pay as well as bank and retail mobile wallets

Compatible with existing EMV contactless infrastructure

Enhanced User Experience icon

Enhanced User Experience

Retain branding and drive digital engagement with bank and retail mobile wallets

Increase customer adoption with support for major mobile payment platform

superior security icon

Superior Security

Utilizes HCE with tokenization to minimize unauthorized use of cardholder data

Integrates with CryptoManager Security Engine hardware root-of-trust


Reduced Cost

Avoid tokenization fees by issuing your own tokens

Save on transaction fees as the issuing and acquiring bank

Mobile Payment Solutions

NFC-based mobile payments offer many advantages to consumers, retailers and financial institution alike. For consumers, mobile wallets provide a convenient, “tap and go” frictionless commerce experience, seamlessly integrating credit cards, loyalty points and gift cards, while leveraging enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication and biometrics. For retailers, mobile wallets offer businesses the ability to engage users with an immersive, in-app experience that bridges with gap from digital to physical with profile-based shopping to offer customized recommendations and coupons. Finally for banks, mobile wallets enhanced protection from fraud and greater customer engagement and loyalty.

Diagram for Enabling Mobile Payments for NFC devices

Diagram for Enabling Mobile Payments for NFC devices

Future of Mobile Payments video thumbnail

See how Rambus Security is bringing simplicity and trust back to mobile payments

Rambus Bell ID mobile payment solutions offer a single, modular software platform that can enable payment issuers and retailers to safely load and manage cards onto NFC smartphones. Our technology adapts to any mobile payments ecosystem – whether card credentials are stored on the device or in the cloud using host card emulation (HCE) – and ensures security through tokenization. With our software, customers can fulfil the role of a token service provider (TSP), securing transactions by removing vulnerable card data from the payment network.

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Making Mobile Payments Simple –
Part 2: The Future of Mobile Payments

Next-gen mobile payments are part of a new retail paradigm that will help redefine a traditional brick-and-mortar experience which has grown stale and static for consumers. Meanwhile, next-gen beacons, along with the superimposition of digital content on top of a view of the real world through augmented reality offers us an exciting glimpse into a future world where online behavior seamlessly blends into offline activities. Similarly, biometric security continues to evolve, with more advanced techniques likely to be integrated into next-gen wearables to enable quick, effortless and secure mobile payment transactions.

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