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Token Gateway

Designed to reduce the complexity of enabling mobile payments for banks, the Rambus Bell ID Token Gateway provides a single, easy-to-use interface to connect to tokenization services from the various payment schemes in the mobile payment industry.


How the Rambus Bell ID Token Gateway works

The increasing number of mobile services from payment schemes and launch of mobile wallets have increased the complexity of mobile payments for banks. Messaging interfaces and specifications for each of the schemes are constantly updated and the number of connections that need to be established between credit and debit schemes and the OEM and Bank Pay wallets continues to grow. This makes it challenging for banks to keep up.

The Token Gateway Model compared to multiple interfaces

The Token Gateway Model compared to multiple interfaces

The Token Gateway is designed to simplify the connection to the complex mobile payments ecosystem by bypassing the integration challenges of connecting to multiple schemes. It provides a single software interface to multiple token service providers (TSPs) that is aligned with the latest requirements, simplifying management of tokenization activity. The Token Gateway also features a modular design with components that can be configured to suit customer’s specific needs, providing increased system flexibility.

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