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Vaultify Trade

Enabling the secure transaction and storage of crypto assets on blockchain using bank-grade tokenization and encryption technologies
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Securing the blockchain with bank-grade tokenization

Vaultify Trade is the first solution to enable banks, exchanges and investment companies to leverage tokens to securely store and transfer virtual assets on blockchain. Vaultify Trade combines multi-signature with proven, bank-grade tokenization technology to enhance security, confidentiality and privacy by replacing sensitive credentials—such as private keys for blockchain and cryptocurrency—with a non-sensitive equivalent token that is unique to each transaction.
The Blockchain – Not As Secure As You Think eBook cover

The Blockchain – Not As Secure As You Think

The blockchain has the potential to touch all aspects of our everyday lives, from buying and trading cryptocurrency, to securing vital healthcare records, to proving that a tomato really is organic. The security challenges, specifically the vulnerability of private keys faced by the cryptocurrency market, prove that before the transformative impact of blockchain technology can be realized, a companion security measure to protect the assets themselves is needed.
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Making Crypto Assets Mainstream

Vaultify Trade is designed to be a seamless experience for end users, integrating with existing banking, investment and mobile wallet apps to provide easy access to crypto assets through a trusted interface. This can accelerate the mainstream adoption of crypto assets by eliminating the confusion and difficulty in investing and reducing the risk working with unfamiliar processes and companies. Acting as a gateway to multiple exchanges, Vaultify trade delivers enhanced flexibility and enables banks to optimize transaction requests based on fees and settlement times.
Vaultify Trade application

Vaultify Trade Architecture

Available as a service or locally deployable software, Vaultify Trade offers a reliable blockchain security platform capable of protecting a wide array of virtual assets for financial services including cryptocurrency, cross-border transactions, escrow, and corporate loans. Built with, easy-to-integrate SDKs and APIs, Vaultify Trade enables financial institutions, merchants and enterprise corporations to leverage their existing customer interfaces and support infrastructure to accelerate adoption and improve user retention.

Solution Offerings

  • Tokenized Security – Replace sensitive private keys with domain-specific tokens to purchase, trade and store cryptocurrency to limit vulnerabilities and improved trust.
  • Multi-Signature – Multi-signature wallets require at least two signatures to confirm a transaction, increasing security and preventing fraud, while enabling faster transactions.
  • Segregated Wallets – Combine the security benefits of an offline cold wallet with the convenience of an online wallet through multi-factor authenticated access to an online segregated wallet.
  • API & SDK – The Vaultify platform easily be integrated into existing mobile or desktop-based applications allowing our customers to bring enhanced functionality to theirs.
  • Flexible Deployment Options – Available as a SaaS-delivered solution or locally deployed software at customer
Securing Crypto Assets on the Blockchain with Vaultify Trade ebook cover

Securing Crypto Assets on the Blockchain with Vaultify Trade

The rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency ecosystem demonstrates the power of the blockchain to revolutionize financial services and beyond. Thus, a secure foundation of trust and transparency is needed – starting with a new approach for blockchain implementations. Vaultify Trade provides that secure foundation of trust and transparency.
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