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Smart Ticketing

Featuring comprehensive solutions for both physical and virtual smart cards, the Rambus Smart Ticketing suite of products, including technology from Ecebs, offer secure and easy-to-implement solutions for any transport scenario, including rail, bus, and ferry.


Solution Overview

Welcome to Rambus Smart Ticketing, the new home of Ecebs.

Smart Ticketing SolutionsProduct BriefDescription
HCE Ticket Wallet Service
Enables transport operators to easily and securely transition tickets from physical to virtual smart cards
HCE Ticketing App
Provides travelers with an intuitive interface to purchase, manage and use tickets on a mobile device
Remote Ticket Download (RTD)
Allows customers to download tickets quickly and securely over the internet
Host Operator or Processing System (HOPS)
Manages the security of transport operator devices and processes the transactions coming from those devices
Card Management System (CMS)
Manages customer information and cards to enable operators to issue new cards and provide customer support
Smart Ticket Checker AppAllows smart transport card holders to read the contents of their smart card using an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet
Smart CardsEnable ticketing, payment and ID applications on flexible, multi-application, secure platforms
Data Warehouse
Provides comprehensive analysis of a centralized database of customer trends and travel patterns

Ease of Integration

Comprehensive solutions from back office, to mobile device, to smart card

Compatible with existing smart systems and suppliers

Enhanced User Experience

Simple and convenient travel experience through account-based ticketing

Improved customer engagement through contextual value-added services

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Improved Profitability

Improved smart ticketing scheme insights with real-world travel data and analytics

Easy management of transaction data to ensure correct reimbursements

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Superior Security

Leverages Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology for mobile ticketing

Reduced risk of fraud with smart technology versus paper tickets

Smart Transport Ticketing Solutions

Smart ticketing is changing the way we travel – bringing greater convenience and security to travelers and transport operators alike. Using smart cards and smart phones, travelers can store and use their tickets electronically, eliminating the need for traditional paper tickets and enabling users to simply tap their smart card or device on a gate or validator to access their travel.

Smart ticketing technology from Rambus Ecebs combines back-office processing and analytics systems with web portals, mobile applications and smart cards to deliver comprehensive solutions to transport operators, local authorities and PTEs. Data analytics enable improved profitability and optimization of smart transport schemes through access to real-world travel data, with easy management of transaction data to ensure accurate reimbursements.  ITSO certified and interoperable with existing transport providers, our smart ticketing solutions are easy to integrate across multiple modes of travel, simplifying customer journeys.

Rambus Ecebs Smart Ticketing Solutions

Rambus Smart Ticketing Solutions

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