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HCE Ticketing App

Part of a comprehensive suite of transport products, the Rambus HCE Ticketing App, including technology from Ecebs, enables travelers to securely select, purchase, download and use a ticket, anytime and anywhere, on a mobile device.

HCE for Ticketing

Enabling truly smart ticketing to arrive in the mobile era, the Rambus HCE Ticketing App delivers an out-of-the-box, secure mobile ticketing solution to transport operators and provides travelers with an easy interface to purchase and manage tickets.

Host card emulation (HCE), a technology proven in high-volume mobile payment applications such as Android Pay, offers the security of a smart card on a mobile device without relying on access to a secure element (SE). This is achieved through secure cloud storage of valuable credentials and keys, rather than the SE in phone – enabling broad adoption across NFC-enabled smart phones and mobile network operators.

When applied to transport, HCE enables operators to offer the mobile ticketing experience travelers have come to want and expect by providing a mobile app to securely store and use tickets directly on their mobile devices. Rather than storing tickets on traditional plastic smart cards, they are stored on a virtual smart card in a secured app that can then be used to tap through gates to travel.

HCE Ticketing App

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Transforming the Smart Ticketing Market with Host Card Emulation

For transport operators seeking to modernize their fare systems, HCE mobile ticketing solutions, which are compatible with existing ITSO-based infrastructure, offer the same ‘shopper friendly’ convenience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a transport environment, as it effectively replaces yet another plastic smart card with a secure digital travel wallet.
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How the HCE Ticketing App works

The HCE Ticketing App enables quick and easy digital distribution to customers, removing the effort of inventory management, encoding and issuance of physical transport smart cards to your customers. The app also provides transport operators with access to valuable traveler data and analytics to optimize ticket offers, pricing, staffing and routes.

Customers can use the HCE Ticketing App in the same way they would a normal transport smart card, purchasing and loading tickets just as they would from a ticket vending machine. When combined with the Rambus Remote Ticket Download (RTD) software, operators can enable over-the-air (OTA) ticket download, anytime and anywhere, for easy delivery of tickets to the virtual smart card on the mobile device, expanding the ticket buying options beyond ticket vending machines. This can simultaneously reduce operator infrastructure cost and improve customer experience by offering the secure selection, purchase, download and use of a ticket on a mobile device.

The HCE Ticketing App is fully integrated with Rambus’ suite of smart ticketing products and features a flexible interface with a complete set of APIs ready to connect with third-party solutions, including CMS and ITSO HOPS solutions. In addition, the app features a skinnable user interface to easily customize the look and feel of the user experience to operator branding.

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The HCE Ticketing App also features a roadmap of additional value-added services such as account-based ticketing, integrated journey planning, real-time updates and third-party offers to bring additional value to operators and an enhanced user experience for travelers.

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Going Mobile with Rambus HCE Ticketing

Despite the popularity of physical smart cards, the smart ticketing space is steadily evolving as transport operators introduce new payment and travel options for NFC-enabled smartphones. HCE, which offers the same ‘shopper-friendly’ experience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a retail environment, is a key driver of mobile technology in the public transportation sector.
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Solution Offerings

  • Enable customers to download the app from Google Play, register, and instantly travel
  • Search, purchase and download tickets securely using the app
  • My Wallet feature lets customer view their valid tickets in-app
  • Perform account maintenance through the app
  • Compatible with existing transport infrastructure –  Use the phone like a smart card to access transport infrastructure
  • Map integration directs you to stations and bus stops
  • Enhance your offers to customers through the additional customer information received
  • Integrated with Rambus HCE Ticket Wallet Service
  • Android 4.4 and higher compatible mobile app
  • User interface customization services
  • Full API documentation

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