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HOPS (Host Operator or Processing System)

Featuring powerful transaction processing capabilities, the Rambus Host operator or Processing System (HOPS), including technology from Ecebs, functions as the backbone to a smart transport ticketing scheme no matter its size or complexity – processing transaction data from customer ticket purchases and journey validations, and managing the ITSO Security Application Modules (ISAMs) responsible for securing these transactions with ease.

How the HOPS works

As a back-office software system specified by ITSO – the national standard for smart ticketing in the UK – the HOPS automates many of the complex daily tasks of a smart transport ticketing scheme including transaction processing and asset management. Message queues are automatically monitored, processes are automatically managed by the system, keep-alive messages are automatically sent and monitored.  All of these automated features are dedicated to keeping the system running smoothly, improving the efficiency and optimization of the scheme. Similarly, the HOPS features unparalleled ISAM management capabilities, commissioning and profiling tremendous volumes of ISAMs to enable easy expansion in the future.


As an alternative offering for the concessionary ticketing market that requires only a subset of the features available in a fully-featured HOPS, the HOPS Lite is a condensed smart ticketing solution targeted at the concessionary ticketing market. The solution is ideal for local authorities looking to provide concessionary smart ticketing or for smaller transport operators who wish to accept concessionary ITSO smart tickets. This provides a cost-effective route to meet ITSO based ticketing requirements for concessionary ticketing.

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Transforming the Smart Ticketing Market with Host Card Emulation

For transport operators seeking to modernize their fare systems, HCE mobile ticketing solutions, which are compatible with existing ITSO-based infrastructure, offer the same ‘shopper friendly’ convenience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a transport environment, as it effectively replaces yet another plastic smart card with a secure digital travel wallet.
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Solution Offerings

  • ITSO 2.1.4 certified
  • High-speed transaction processing
  • Dashboard view of the HOPS and other smart ticketing systems
  • RSP3002 compliance brings full support for rail ticketing
  • Jasper reporting suite
    • Standard report list
    • Custom reports can be implemented
    • Reports can be scheduled or run ad-hoc
    • Results can be attached to emails or stored on server
  • Role based access
    • Controls who can do what on the system
    • Highly configurable – down to individual entity visibility
    • Can give users read-only access
    • Can give users access to only the features and data required for their role
  • Powerful system logging
    • Note down every action that the system takes for auditing
    • Query fields “tag” log entries so you can quickly search for everything done by a particular user, for example
    • Action handlers send out email alerts or other actions in response to certain events
  • Logical groups are used to simplify the update and grouping process
  • Profiles of products are created and grouped together to make ISAM updates easy
  • Message processing has been carefully designed to cope with failures and provide effective recovery feedback
  • Authorization levels to keep in control of products on ISAMs
  • Process viewer gives a real-time view of the processing state of complex asynchronous processing
  • Interface with CMS for hotlist and actionlist processing and passing product purchase and usage transactions
  • Scalable architecture to support increasing demands on the system
  • Configurable rules engine to drive hotlist and actionlist processing
  • HOPS software modules
    • Asset Management System
    • Messaging
    • Collection and Forwarding
    • Accounts
    • Configuration
    • Access Control
  • Managed Service – our team of experts operates and monitors the system for you, making sure your smart scheme is always in safe hands
  • Configuration – our delivery team will work with you to understand the needs of your smart scheme and to configure the optimum settings into HOPS for you
  • Reporting – standard reports are included with ad-hoc reporting options also available
  • GUI access – a powerful UI that you can access to examine your own data, including dashboard functionality to provide role-sensitive summaries of the operation of the system
  • CMS API – receipt of hotlist and actionlist requests from an external CMS, and sending relevant transaction messages for display to your operators and customers
  • RSP3002 interface – brings full support for rail ticketing
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Going Mobile with Rambus HCE Ticketing

Despite the popularity of physical smart cards, the smart ticketing space is steadily evolving as transport operators introduce new payment and travel options for NFC-enabled smartphones. HCE, which offers the same ‘shopper-friendly’ experience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a retail environment, is a key driver of mobile technology in the public transportation sector.
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