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Remote Ticket Download

Opening up the future of smart ticketing, Rambus Remote Ticket Download (RTD), including technology from Ecebs, allows travelers to download tickets at home or on the go directly to their mobile devices and load their smart transport card using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology without having to visit the ticket vending machine.

How Remote Ticket Download works

RTD is back-office software that handles the security of tickets in the back office, allowing a wide range of devices to be used as the collection point – from traditional kiosks and retail terminals all the way to innovative NFC-enabled mobile devices. In addition to the back office management, RTD opens the route to mobile ticketing, leveraging an app to not only download and transfer ticketing information to the traveler’s smartcard using NFC technology, but also to store tickets on the mobile device itself, eliminating the smart card all together.
Remote Ticket Download

Specifically for ITSO – the national specification for interoperable smart ticketing in the UK -the RTD system can be thought of as a fulfillment POST for smart tickets. RTD features an array of ITSO Secure Authentication Modules (ISAMs), which enable the creation and download of smart ITSO-compliant tickets to a customer media device, such as a smart card or mobile phone, over a variety of network channels either physical or wireless.

There are two interfaces into RTD Server: the retail interface on the server and the download interface on the client.  The retail interface is used by an external system to make tickets available for purchase and the download interface is used by the client

RTD Enablers

The RTD Enablers evaluation kit gives RTD client developers all the tools and software they need to develop a working client that connects to RTD and downloads tickets. The kit is ideal for evaluating the capabilities of RTD and includes the smart cards, APIs, documentation and sample applications you need to get up and running quickly. The RTD enablers evaluation kit reduces the barrier to entry for ITSO ticketing and makes development quick and simple.

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Transforming the Smart Ticketing Market with Host Card Emulation

For transport operators seeking to modernize their fare systems, HCE mobile ticketing solutions, which are compatible with existing ITSO-based infrastructure, offer the same ‘shopper friendly’ convenience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a transport environment, as it effectively replaces yet another plastic smart card with a secure digital travel wallet.
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Solution Offerings

  • Supports multiple clients to connect and download
  • Clients can be distributed wherever there is an internet connection
  • Supports multiple ISAMs serving multiple clients simultaneously
  • Customer tickets can be collected from any connected client
  • Scalable architecture to increase the number of ISAMs numbers and improve server hardware
  • Business rules can be driven externally with changes made independently of RTD
  • Product configuration done in one place for consistency across all clients
  • Retail interface can support full ITSO details or can request product by simple name
  • RTD Software
  • Managed Service – Rambus team of experts monitors the system for you, making sure that this critical delivery system is always ready for your customers
  • Configuration – Rambus delivery team will work with you to understand the products required in your smart scheme and will configure these products into RTD Servers for you
  • Transactions – product transactions are passed to the product owner HOPS via standard HOPS-to-HOPS messaging
  • RTD API – connect compatible devices to the RTD API to enable ticket download
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Going Mobile with Rambus HCE Ticketing

Despite the popularity of physical smart cards, the smart ticketing space is steadily evolving as transport operators introduce new payment and travel options for NFC-enabled smartphones. HCE, which offers the same ‘shopper-friendly’ experience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a retail environment, is a key driver of mobile technology in the public transportation sector.
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