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Smart Cards

Featuring both contactless, contact and dual interface cards, Rambus Ecebs smart cards offer banking-level security and flexible ticketing capabilities for both concessionary and commercial ticketing applications, as well as ID and payment applications.


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Contactless Smart Cards

Rambus Ecebs contactless smart cards can be used in transport schemes that support both ITSO and EMV payment. They offer flexible, multi-application secure ticketing and are highly competitive compared with other contactless ITSO-certified smart cards.

Equipped with high capacity for rail ticketing environments, our contactless cards ensure travelers won’t run out of room on their smart card.

Adaptable and cost effective, Rambus Ecebs contactless cards can easily have applications added, removed or amended even after they are in the hands of your customers. They are truly multi-purpose, with the ability use them as ITSO-based transport cards alongside other ‘apps’ such as ID, access control or loyalty. This brings down the total cost of ownership by enabling in-field upgrades rather than replacing the card entirely.

Contact Smart Cards

Rambus Ecebs contact cards – those that are inserted into contact terminals such as ATMs and chip-and-PIN point of sale devices – are ideally suited for use within Payment & ID schemes. They comply with open EMV specifications and are the perfect choice when contactless capability is not required. 

Providing a level of security that you would expect from a bank card, Rambus Ecebs contact smart cards support both open and closed loop payment options and feature an EMV-based application to enable a more robust and easily integrated payment product.

contact smart card example
dual interface smart card

Dual Interface Smart Cards

Dual interface smart cards provide ultimate flexibility as they can be used in both contact terminals as well as contactless terminals including station gates, bus terminals and newer contactless retail payment terminals. Rambus Ecebs dual interface smart cards offer secure ticketing capabilities that can be used in transport schemes that support both ITSO based ticketing and EMV payment. They provide multi-application support for a wide range of uses including pay-as-you-go transport purse, council tax payment, library, parking, access, leisure, loyalty and ID. In addition, Rambus Ecebs dual interface smart cards allow applications to be added, amended or deleted even after they have been issued to your customers.

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