XDRn Memory

The Rambus XDRn architectures are complete memory subsystem solutions, including PHYs and DRAMs, that achieve higher performance at lower power, while requiring the fewest number of memory devices in a wide range of applications.
Solution Description Application
XDR PHY High-performance, low-latency XDR PHY Consumer Electronics
High-performance, low-latency XDR DRAM Consumer Electronics
Mobile XDR PHY Low-power, high-performance Mobile XDR PHY Mobile
Mobile XDR DRAM Low-power, high-performance Mobile XDR DRAM Mobile
XDR 2 PHY Ultra high-performance XDR 2 PHY Graphics, High-end Computing
XDR 2 DRAM Ultra high-performance XDR 2 DRAM Graphics, High-end Computing
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