Rambus and STACK Team Up to Envision the Future of Secure Virtual Assets for the Next Generation of Mobile Banking

This entry was posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

Taking on visionary roles, Rambus and Canadian challenger bank STACK are looking at a bright future for a new generation of mobile banking with secure virtual assets on blockchain.

With a constant eye on the future of money, STACK has a mobile-first, fee-free philosophy with a focus on millennials as their primary customers.  After passing the beta phase in July, the demand was so high, that STACK outpaced expectations and ran out of cards in under 3 weeks. STACK has grown to a community tens of thousands strong, with thousands engaging daily with real-time sharing and 10 lifestyle rewards partners, and new additions joining this holiday.

With millennials leading the charge, the appetite for differentiated solutions has never been stronger. Millennials are more comfortable interacting with technology for their financial dealings and they are looking for a seamless mobile banking experience, without sacrificing security. Having grown up in the global recession of 2008 and the time of Occupy Wall Street, millennials have a subtle preference to avoid the traditional investment route. This has caused younger investors to be more comfortable with digital assets and drawn to alternative forms of investment. Along with the increased interest in virtual assets, millennials expect to be able to interact with their investments with digital tools and channels.

With that, STACK is turning its technology acumen toward evaluating secure ways to bring virtual assets to their customers and has turned to Rambus and the Vaultify Trade blockchain security platform. STACK is looking to lead the way by bringing together mobile banking with easy and intuitive access to virtual assets. Enter Vaultify Trade.

Image of payment systems

“STACK is reinventing financial services and putting millennials back in control of their money, with a goal of making the technology better, more convenient and secure for consumers. Providing a path to seamlessly incorporate virtual assets into our mobile app through secure solutions like Vaultify Trade puts us at the forefront of experience and technology,” said Nicolas Dinh, COO at STACK.

Vaultify Trade is a blockchain security solution that was just launched by Rambus to enable the secure storage and transfer of digital assets on blockchain using proven, bank-grade, field-deployed tokenization and encryption technology. Targeting challenger banks, exchanges, and investment portals, Vaultify Trade is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing mobile applications to enable consumers to access their assets with ease through their trusted financial service providers.

According to Jerome Nadel, GM of Payments and CMO, Rambus, “Blockchain and virtual assets are on the verge of going mainstream, but many of today’s consumers find them to be inaccessible and confusing, and are concerned by high-profile hacks. In order to accelerate adoption, consumers are seeking a secure, familiar way to own virtual assets through their trusted banking apps.”

He went on to explain that by using Vaultify Trade, banks, exchanges and investment houses can now quickly incorporate blockchain technologies into their product portfolios, armed with the confidence that data, value and assets are secure.

As a fresh new disruptor to the financial industry, STACK is on a mission to re-imagine the way consumers interact with their money. Vaultify Trade can provide the necessary confidence and convenience to lead the way for virtual assets on blockchain to be adopted by the masses.

To learn more about STACK, visit https://www.getstack.ca/