Rambus Token Gateway for E-Commerce Certified “Visa Ready”

This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018.

Rambus announced on September 12th, 2018 that its Token Gateway for e-commerce solution is one of the first to be qualified under the “Visa Ready” for Tokenization program. This certified solution enables token requestors like online merchants, payment service providers and acquirers globally to quickly and securely connect to the Visa Token Service to tokenize card-on-file e-commerce transactions.

What is Tokenization?

 Tokenization is a security technology that uses a unique digital identifier, or token, to protect sensitive information like cardholder account details. By replacing sensitive account information with a limited use token, including domain controls for device or channel, tokenization mitigates fraud risk and protects the underlying value of credentials.

The Rambus Token Gateway supports merchants in a number of ways. It boosts customer convenience and confidence, with consumers no longer needing to update card credentials following a card reissue, reducing frustration. There is also a quick time to market, as merchants who integrate with Visa Token Service through Rambus do not need to wait for individual certification approval and can launch a token-on-file initiative more quickly.

Token Gateway certified Visa Ready diagram

Requesting a Token with Rambus Token Gateway

Other benefits include reduced PCI compliancy. As merchants replace vulnerable cardholder payment data with secure tokens, their payment card industry (PCI) compliancy requirements may be reduced. The Rambus Token Gateway also assures that merchants are constantly aligned with the latest Visa Token Service tokenization specifications, eliminating the need for manual integration work. Finally, the Token Gateway also provides a single interface to connect with all contracted token service providers, supporting a variety of messaging interfaces.

Proven Technology for Retail and eCommerce

 451 Research Director, Jordan McKee notes, “The pace of digital change in financial services and retail is accelerating. We are witnessing a profound shift in consumers’ shopping preferences and habits, marked by a growing demand for omni-channel buying experiences. This is driving more transactions into digital channels and fraudsters are following the volume, eager to exploit vulnerabilities. Removing sensitive credentials from the transaction flow with a token is a critical defense that serves to safeguard consumers and revenues. Such steps ultimately improve the digital shopping experience and bring benefits to the entire ecosystem.”

“The success of the EMV® Chip Specifications in securing the physical point-of-sale means increasingly sophisticated criminals have shifted their attention towards more vulnerable e-commerce and m-commerce channels,” said Jerome Nadel, GM of Payments and CMO, Rambus. “Tokenization has been hugely successful in securing mobile payments and by using Token Gateway, we believe it can do the same job for online shopping. What’s more, increased customer confidence is likely to see higher conversion rates and reduce time spent chasing missed payments for merchants. As one of the first certified, we’re excited to support the retail community in managing customer data in faster and safer ways.”

View the press release for more details or visit rambus.com/security/payments/token-gateway/.

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