Rambus demos hardware-based security for 4K UHD TVs @ IBC 2015

This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015.

MStar Semiconductor has kicked off production of a secure chipset for connected TVs that integrates the Rambus Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall™ security core with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay™ cloud service for Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Dubbed MStar G6F, the new chipset is designed to meet consumer demand for easy access to 4K UHD programs – while also providing security for content owners.


Designed to integrate easily into 4K smart TVs, the G6F supports a full function HEVC decoder, multi-region demodulator and motion judder cancellation with MStar’s proprietary MACE –Pro3UC /MFC technology. By integrating the CryptoFirewall core into MStar’s security hardware, the G6F chip meets MovieLabs’ Hardware root-of-trust guidelines.

In addition to hardware protection, the MStar connected TV chipset includes ExpressPlay, an end-to-end security service that provides a ready-to-go Marlin DRM system to manage content protection. Marlin DRM – a simple and open DRM – supports numerous video formats such as MPEG-DASH HLS and MP4. Currently being showcased at IBC 2015, the new MStar G6F chipset is expected to start shipping in 4K UHD TVs during Q4 2015.

As we’ve previously discussed on Rambus Press, CryptoFirewall successfully mitigates a number of critical threats, including scan interface attacks, man-in-the-middle, replay, OTP memory (corruption and tearing), rights key injection, emulation on STB hardware and physical reverse engineering.

The Rambus CryptoFirewall core also bolsters both content key and entitlement management (compared to other DVB SoC key ladder-based solutions); offers strong content key derivation security by default and provides as secure – and more cost effective – entitlement management than smart cards. In addition, the CryptoFirewall core improves the security of a TEE DRM or CA solution by enforcing a robust hardware barrier.

It should be noted that CryptoFirewall ASIC security cores have been integrated into at least 65 chipsets. Interested in learning more? You can check out the official Rambus CryptoFirewall page here and browse our CryptoFirewall article archive here.