Travel Ticketing Less Troublesome As Rambus Ticketing and TravelMaster Team Up

This entry was posted on Monday, January 7th, 2019.

Travelers throughout South Yorkshire England will now have an easier go of it when riding on buses, trams, and trains. That’s because they’ll be using the Rambus Ticketing suite, instead of fretting and fumbling around for currency out of their wallets, pocketbooks, or purses to pay their fares on a bus or tram or at vending machines.  It’s now a simple matter of going online and purchasing the ticketing they’ll need and in advance of any planned traveling.


TravelMaster, the commercial organization responsible for delivering and managing multi-operator and integrated ticketing in South Yorkshire, is making all this possible.  It’s teamed up with Rambus Ticketing to provide a new, innovative smart ticketing system allowing TravelMaster customers to buy ticketing products online and take advantage of smart ticketing as they travel in buses, trams and trains throughout South Yorkshire.




Rambus’ extensive experience delivering robust and scalable smart ticketing solutions act as the backbone for deployments across the UK for bus, rail, subway and metro. Under this five-year agreement, Rambus will provide a HOPS back office with web retail and smart ticket collector app to enable secure delivery of digital smart tickets directly to tablets and mobile devices.

The solution allows TravelMaster customers to buy a range of flexible multi-operator tickets, valid on any bus, tram or train throughout South Yorkshire, online and in-advance through a retail portal on the TravelMaster website. These tickets can then be loaded onto a smart card via on-vehicle ticketing machines or through NFC-enabled and compatible smart phones.

TravelMaster’s e-Commerce system is a key part of the company’s retail strategy, which intends to support patronage growth, enhanced access to opportunities and economic development within the Sheffield City Region. By implementing commercially sustainable, customer-oriented, technologically innovative and integrated ways of selling and fulfilling products, TravelMaster and Rambus will together support a brighter future for South Yorkshire.