Secure Solutions for Defense

Our Cryptography Research division has 20 years of experience in developing and innovating in the areas of cryptography, tamper-resistance, network security, data protection, and hardware security. Widely recognized as a leader in the security industry, Cryptography Research delivers security products, analysis tools, countermeasures, and design and analysis services to help protect some of the most critical assets from the threat of reverse engineering, exploitation, and countermeasure development.

Side Channel Analysis Countermeasures

Side Channel Analysis (SCA) is a major threat to defense systems as successful attacks can lead to the compromise of mission-critical secrets. Protecting against the SCA threats requires careful design, expert development, and methodical testing. For 20 continuous years, Cryptography Research has invented, designed, and developed state-of-the-art SCA countermeasures including simple and differential power analysis (SPA and DPA, respectively). For more information see DPA Countermeasures.

Secure Products and Solutions

Our Suite B Reference Designs include DPA resistant implementations of AES, ECC, and SHA. Suite B software libraries enable the same DPA resistance on embedded microprocessors. These hardware designs and software libraries are FIPS 140-2 compliant, enabling encryption, decryption, signing, and verifying of sensitive data stored in and streamed through critical military system components. Additional solutions such as our CryptoManager Platform and CryptoFirewall Security Core provide critical system components with a hardware root-of-trust containing resistance to tampering, emulation, and counterfeiting.

Side Channel Analysis Tools

For defense contractors or government entities who need to perform SCA testing and assessments on defense systems, our DPA Workstation is one of the most powerful and flexible platform available. As part of this tool, everything that is required to perform advanced side-channel testing is provided along with detailed training as well as an advanced suite of software to analyze collected data. A full description of the DPA Workstation can be found in the DPA Workstation Overview.

DPA Workstation diagram and example
SCA diagram for defense

We also provide additional SCA tools to evaluate the quality of SCA countermeasures. Objective, repeatable, and scalable testing tools can be provided to defense contractors and government labs to quickly assess countermeasure readiness in military systems prior to deployment.

For the most secure requirements in government and defense, design and analysis services can ensure countermeasures and mitigations are properly implemented and deployed. We have an experienced staff of highly skilled engineers who can design uncompromising security solutions for defense systems, analyze defense systems for vulnerabilities, and train defense contractors and government entities on SCA testing. To learn more, see our Education & Training page.