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Lensless Smart Sensors FAQ

The Rambus lensless smart sensor (LSS) technology is a fundamentally new approach to sensing that shifts the function of traditional optics to computation, eliminating the need for expensive lenses.  By utilizing a set of diffractive gratings, the LSS captures input data without the use of a lens, producing raw data that is optimized through a series of algorithms to make decisions on the scene.

LSS combines diffractive optics with optimized algorithms to capture input data with a single ultra-miniature pattern. By being able to capture this level of data, the smart sensor can re-create scenes through computations and deliver the best in power, package, and price.

LSS was developed within the R&D organization of Rambus. 

LSS is no longer being marketed as a product, though Rambus maintains ownership of the IP created in the LSS program.


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