Bringing Simplicity & Trust to Mobile Payments

From coin to cash to credit card, the way we pay has gone through many transformations throughout history. Today we are at the precipice of another exciting shift from physical to digital and beyond, with new technologies changing the very way we think about transactions. Payments are transitioning from chip-and-PIN credit cards, to contactless mobile payments with biometric authentication, to account-based purchases triggered by beacons and sensors.

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Each step forward introduces brings us closer to effortless transactions, giving consumers greater convenience and added value services, but, at the same time, increases complexity and risk to the banks and retailers attempting to integrate the technology.

Rambus Bell ID solutions bring simplicity and trust to mobile payments. Built on a foundation of security, our unified platform enables financial and commercial institutions to integrate with multiple payment schemes and OEM pay solutions through a single interface.

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Making Mobile Payments Simple –
Part 2: The Future of Mobile Payments

Next-gen mobile payments are part of a new retail paradigm that will help redefine a traditional brick-and-mortar experience which has grown stale and static for consumers. Meanwhile, next-gen beacons, along with the superimposition of digital content on top of a view of the real world through augmented reality offers us an exciting glimpse into a future world where online behavior seamlessly blends into offline activities. Similarly, biometric security continues to evolve, with more advanced techniques likely to be integrated into next-gen wearables to enable quick, effortless and secure mobile payment transactions.

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Secure mobile NFC transactions

The speed, convenience and added security of near field communication (NFC)-based payments is driving rapid consumer adoption worldwide. More secure than physical credit cards, the Rambus Bell ID mobile payment solutions can be implemented via the cloud using host card emulation (HCE) and secured with device-specific cryptograms. Enhancing security further, integrated payment tokenization – the practice of protecting payment credentials by replacing them with a single-use unique code called a ‘payment token’ – makes sensitive data worthless if stolen.

Using our robust and proven token service provider (TSP) and HCE software platforms, banks, retailers and payment processors can securely process and manage payment transactions throughout the lifecycle of a card or mobile phone. Additionally, integration of the software platform with the CryptoManager Core embedded into the mobile processor, offers enhanced security by managing tokens and secure functionality in a hardware root-of-trust.

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Simple system integration

With the growing number of payment schemes, OEM Pay solutions and mobile wallets, integrating secure mobile payments services into your products can be expensive and time consuming. Interoperability requirements differ for each of the schemes and update frequently as new security measures and features come into play, making it a challenge to roll out and maintain mobile payments to end users.

The Rambus Bell ID family of mobile payment solutions provides a simple and smooth integration path by providing a single software platform to connect to multiple payment schemes and OEM-pay solutions. Our software is flexible and modular, enabling customers to implement in phases – starting with a basic data preparation platform and expanding all the way to becoming a full TSP. In addition, our Mobile Payments products are fully aligned with global requirements and are certified by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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Greater control with a branded mobile wallet

The mobile money revolution brings benefits to all kinds of issuers. Retailers can engage their customers with an immersive in-app experience that travels with them throughout their shopping journey. For banks, digital wallets offer greater security than physical payment cards and help the deliver the latest user experiences and functionality demanded by their customers. With the ability to integrate an embedded CryptoManager core for enhanced security, the Rambus Bell ID mobile payments family offers everything needed to launch and manage a secure, branded digital wallet that provides increased access and engagement with customers.

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