The introduction of LEDs to the application of general lighting presents lighting architects and fixture designers with unprecedented capabilities unachievable with the constraints of bulb and fluorescent tube-based luminaires. In addition to lower cost, lower energy consumption, and greater control and directionality of light, LEDs offer tremendous freedom of design. However, as point sources of light, LEDs have introduced a new challenge of delivering uniform, controlled light while maximizing the efficiency of fixtures and lamps. MicroLens® optics are 3-dimensional elements embedded in optical light guides to provide customizable control of the uniformity and distribution of light. When utilized in edge-lit architectures for LED-based fixtures and lamps, MicroLens® optics provide a cost-effective, high-efficiency solution for unmatched design possibilities.

  • Customizable control of light output uniformity and distribution
  • Up to 95% optical efficiency
  • Enable ultra-thin form-factors with unmatched freedom of design
  • Proven, low-cost manufacturing process

What are MicroLens Optics?

Custom ray angle control with MicroLens® Optics

Customizable light output with MicroLens optics

MicroLens® optics are 3-dimensional elements that are embedded in an optical waveguide or film, that provide customizable control of uniformity and output ray angle distribution for superior application efficiency. Through the use of proprietary optical modeling software and design techniques, the MicroLens features and their pattern can be customized to efficiently spread the light across the entire lighting surface, or direct it in specific locations.

When combined with Rambus’ TruEdge™ LED coupling technology in edge-lit applications, MicroLens optics enable 92-95% optical efficiency in ultra-thin form factors with an unmatched freedom of design. Leveraging proven and low-cost manufacturing processes, MicroLens® optics provide a cost effective, high performance and low risk solution for lighting fixtures and lamps.

MicroLens® optical features are embedded directly into the light guide using injection molding, extrusion, or hot embossing processes. With advanced modeling techniques, the depth, shape and density of the MicroLens® features can be optimized to support a broad range of lighting solutions. Light injected at the edge of the light guide is precisely directed using the custom design of the MicroLens® optics.

Who Benefits?

When implemented in an edge-lit architecture, MicroLens® optics deliver tremendous flexibility of form factor and freedom of design without sacrificing efficiency or control. This will enable designers to create a new age of beautiful and functional lighting. The increased efficiency and control delivered by MicroLens optics translates to fewer fixtures and lamps required to deliver the desired amount of light and lower energy consumption and cost.

Consumers can reap the benefits of the cost-effectiveness of MicroLens through broad availability of reliable and affordable LED lighting solutions that deliver on the promise of green lighting technology.