Color Temperature Change

Since LEDs are available in a series of colors that cross the spectrum of white, there is a high degree of variation of color temperatures in lamps. This can make it difficult for consumers to blend new LED bulbs with existing lighting and can increase complexity of inventory management for professionals. Rambus’ color temperature change [...]

VirtuOptic™ Reflectors

VirtuOptic™ reflectors deliver a highly efficient, collimated light pattern that can be evenly distributed over wide areas, making it ideal for high brightness architectural, entertainment and commercial lighting applications. When combined with Rambus' proprietary optical modeling and design techniques, the shape and size of the VirtuOptic reflectors can be optimized to achieve a highly-controlled, directed [...]

TruEdge™ LED Coupling

The growing popularity of LEDs in general lighting applications has introduced great opportunities for a new generations of energy-efficient lighting, but LEDs are not without their difficulties. Designers are challenged with how to transform single, or multiple point sources of light into an aesthetically-pleasing, uniform distribution of light. The use of edge-lit architectures—where LEDs are [...]

SolidCore™ Reflectors

Fixtures that use traditional free-space reflectors — those that allow light to travel through air — can be cumbersome and inefficient when producing high-intensity beams of light. As an alternative to free-space reflectors, SolidCore™ reflectors are compact optics that produce high-brightness, collimated beams ideal for high-powered spotlights. SolidCore™ Reflectors enable smaller, thinner and lighter-weight fixtures [...]

MicroLens® Optics

The introduction of LEDs to the application of general lighting presents lighting architects and fixture designers with unprecedented capabilities unachievable with the constraints of bulb and fluorescent tube-based luminaires. In addition to lower cost, lower energy consumption, and greater control and directionality of light, LEDs offer tremendous freedom of design. However, as point sources of [...]