The growing popularity of LEDs in general lighting applications has introduced great opportunities for a new generations of energy-efficient lighting, but LEDs are not without their difficulties. Designers are challenged with how to transform single, or multiple point sources of light into an aesthetically-pleasing, uniform distribution of light. The use of edge-lit architectures—where LEDs are placed along one or more edges of a light guide—is a highly-efficient means of directing and distributing light. A key component to those architectures, TruEdge™ LED coupling technology optimizes the interface between the LED light source and the light guide to maximize the amount of light injected into the light guide. By combining Rambus’ proprietary optical modeling and design techniques, TruEdge technology can achieve 93 to 96% LED-to-light guide coupling efficiency.

  • Optimizes LED-to-light guide interface to maximize coupling efficiency
  • Reduces fixture cost with fewer LEDs
  • Enables thinner form factors

What is TruEdge™ LED Coupling Technology?

TruEdge™ LED coupling technology

TruEdge™ LED coupling technology

TruEdge™ LED Coupling coupling enables highly-efficient, edge-lit general lighting fixtures that utilize the fewest number of LEDs for a desired light output level. Edge-lit systems can be implemented in a myriad of form factors while producing aesthetically pleasing, diffuse light with minimal glare. This is achieved by optimizing the interface between the LED and light guide through the use of reflectors, couplings lenses and tight LED-to-light guide integration. The combination of these techniques maximizes the efficiency of coupling interface and, in turn, the amount of light delivered from the fixture.

Who Benefits?

When implemented in an edge-lit architecture, TruEdge™ LED Coupling coupling delivers tremendous flexibility of form factor and freedom of design without sacrificing efficiency or control. This will enable designers to create a new age of beautiful and functional lighting. End users will also benefit from the energy-efficient and cost-effective fixtures that are made possible with TruEdge technology.