VirtuOptic™ reflectors deliver a highly efficient, collimated light pattern that can be evenly distributed over wide areas, making it ideal for high brightness architectural, entertainment and commercial lighting applications. When combined with Rambus’ proprietary optical modeling and design techniques, the shape and size of the VirtuOptic reflectors can be optimized to achieve a highly-controlled, directed light output at the desired ray angle for minimal glare.

  • Greater than 90% optical efficiency
  • Reduced glare with a highly-controlled, collimated light output
  • Even light distribution over wide areas

What is VirtuOptic Reflector Technology?

VirtuOptic™ reflector technology

VirtuOptic™ reflector technology

VirtuOptic™ Reflectors take advantage of the optical property of total internal reflection (TIR), which is an extremely efficient means of transporting light. Light is injected into the end of a light guide using Rambus’ TruEdge™ LED coupling technology. It is transmitted down the length of the light guide through TIR with minimal loss, producing a uniform emission of light from the reflective optical elements.

VirtuOptic™ Reflectors are created by bonding an array of high precision reflectors to an optical light guide, using a material with a matching refractive index. Light is extracted from the light guide at the optical coupling points at the center of each VirtuOptic™ Reflector in a near zero-loss transition, creating a uniform array of virtual light sources.

Who Benefits?

Light fixture designers can take advantage of the high-efficiency and unique aesthetic of the virtual light sources created by VirtuOptic™ Reflectors to create cost-effective fixtures with customizable light outputs. The even light distribution produced enables commercial lighting specifiers to save costs and reduce the total number of fixtures required to deliver the desired amount of light to a given surface.