Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

Objects, sensors, actuators and controllers that were once designed for stand-alone operation are now increasingly connected by means of intelligent software and networks – forming the basis of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To be sure, GE defines the IIoT as “a network of a multitude of devices connected by communications technologies that results [...]

HCE Ticket Wallet Service and Ticketing App Product Brief

The era of smart phones is redefining public transport, providing ease-of-use, security and convenience to travel seamlessly across multiple modes of transport. Host Card Emulation (HCE) offers the capabilities of a smart card on a mobile device without relying on access to a secure element. HCE enables operators to offer the mobile ticketing experience travelers [...]

HOPS Product Brief

A Host Operator or Processing System (HOPS) system is a key part of an ITSO-compliant smart ticketing deployment. It processes transaction data from customer ticket purchases and journey validations along with data from hardware terminals; including those at rail stations, on buses, on ferries, in retail stores and from online retail systems. It also manages [...]

Card Management System Product Brief

The Rambus Card Management System enables operators to easily issue and manage smart cards and customer data for enhanced customer support. When paired with the optional customer portal add-on, travelers can purchase tickets and top-ups online and self-serve changes to their account details. This gives travelers visibility of their journey history and management of their [...]

Remote Ticket Download Product Brief

The Rambus Remote Ticket Download (RTD) enables travelers to securely download tickets from the cloud directly to their smart card or mobile device for easier travel. RTD enables the immediate service delivery that customers demand, bringing the instant issuance of tickets to an expanding number and range of devices. Crucially, RTD also opens the route [...]

Data Warehouse Product Brief

The Rambus Data Warehouse allows operators to see how patterns and trends in traveler purchase and journey data, enabling them to capitize on customer behavior and improve customer experience and operator profitability.

IoT Cyber-Security – A Missing Piece of the Smart City Puzzle

Smart cities present a huge market opportunity of $1.56 trillion. However, the interconnectedness of devices introduces cyber-physical technologies that link cyber systems to physical systems, thereby removing the barrier between the cyber and physical worlds in smart cities and expanding the potential attack surface for malicious actors. As such, connected smart city devices and services [...]

Cyber Security in the Era of the Smart Home

The widespread use of connected smart home devices has created an attractive target for cyber criminals and other unscrupulous operators. Smart home security should therefore be viewed as a primary design goal, rather than a tertiary afterthought. To be sure, consumers increasingly expect their devices to be protected out of the box, with seamless over-the [...]

Vehicle Equipment Secure Authentication with Rambus CryptoFirewall

Download "Vehicle Equipment Secure Authentication with Rambus CryptoFirewall Use Case" Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, driving OEMs to want more modular designs both for integration and for servicing. Being able to rapidly change out components may help with the vehicle servicing, but it also makes it easier for those components to [...]

5 Reasons Retailers Should Have Their Own Digital Wallet

As online and mobile commerce channels continue to expand, retailers are being forced to re-evaluate their offering and approach. Retailers must now find new and powerful ways to engage with consumers. Payments are increasingly being identified not just as a necessary process to be managed, but as an opportunity. Download 5 Reasons Retailers Should Have Their [...]