(Smart) Watch this Space

The development of smart devices and the increasing possibilities of its features has lead to a search for a new frontier for technology. The idea of wearable technology has existed in science fiction and other speculative fiction, but only recently has wearable technology became a reality this decade with the introduction of wearables such as [...]

Tokenization Beyond Payments

Tokenization is a process by which sensitive data is replaced with unique identification credentials that retain all essential information about the data without exposing said sensitive data to attacks. While traditional payment methods pass critical identification information through several points, tokenization minimizes the amount of data a business needs to keep on hand. Becoming popular [...]

Monetizing Semiconductors: From Silicon to Service

Over the past five years, the semiconductor industry has faced a number of complex challenges. These include increased development costs, eroded ASPs, market saturation and heightened, yet unsustainable M&A activity. As 2018 begins, the semiconductor industry continues to seek a return to stability and organic growth within the parameters of a new business paradigm that [...]

The Rambus GDDR6 PHY IP Core

With GDDR PHYs providing a maximum bandwidth of up to 64 GB/s, it is critical for ASIC designers to ensure that devices and systems aren’t affected by signal integrity issues. This is precisely why the Rambus GDDR6 PHY engineering team makes extensive use of modeling and simulation tools, as well as providing highly-programmable circuits, debug [...]

GDDR6 PHY Product Brief

The Rambus GDDR6 (Graphics Double Data Rate) Memory PHY is designed for the communication to and from high-speed, high-bandwidth GDDR6 SGRAM (Synchronous Graphics Random Access) memory. Originally designed for graphics applications, it is a high-performance memory solution that can be used in a variety of high-performance applications that require large amounts of data computation like [...]

Going Beyond GPUs with GDDR6

GDDR6 offers higher densities compared to previous-generation graphics memory. In addition, GDDR6 doubles the speed (12–16 Gb/s) of GDDR5 and provides more than 5X the 3.2 Gb/s speed of DDR4. Moreover, GDDR6 supports the same low external voltage (1.35V) as GDDR5X, although it is based on a dual-channel architecture instead of GDDR5X’s single-channel architecture. With [...]

Protecting Electronic Systems from Side-Channel Attacks

Side-channel attacks conducted against electronic systems are relatively simple and inexpensive to execute. An attacker does not need to know specific implementation details of the cryptographic device to perform these attacks and extract keys. As all physical electronic systems routinely leak information, effective side-channel countermeasures such as Rambus’ DPA Resistant Hardware Cores (DPARC) or DPA [...]

CryptoManager Infrastructure for Semiconductor Manufacturing Data Brief

Download "CryptoManager Infrastructure for Semiconductor Manufacturing Data Brief" The CryptoManager Infrastructure is a high performance, secure transaction processing and data reporting system designed to securely manage provisioning, device personalization and high value key management throughout a semiconductor’s life cycle. As a critical part of the manufacturing and communications infrastructure, high availability, performance, and [...]

Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

Objects, sensors, actuators and controllers that were once designed for stand-alone operation are now increasingly connected by means of intelligent software and networks – forming the basis of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To be sure, GE defines the IIoT as “a network of a multitude of devices connected by communications technologies that results [...]

HCE Ticket Wallet Service and Ticketing App Product Brief

The era of smart phones is redefining public transport, providing ease-of-use, security and convenience to travel seamlessly across multiple modes of transport. Host Card Emulation (HCE) offers the capabilities of a smart card on a mobile device without relying on access to a secure element. HCE enables operators to offer the mobile ticketing experience travelers [...]