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Ensuring privacy in next-gen room occupancy sensing

Lensless smart sensors (LSS) are a novel method of sensing. The technology combines a standard CMOS sensor such as those found in focused and defocused cameras, but replaces the lens with an extremely small anti-phase [...]

Happy 25th birthday, HAL!

Rambus Fellow Dr. David G. Stork recently penned an article for Semiconductor Engineering to mark the 25th birthday of HAL 9000, a (fictional) sentient computer which became operational on January 12, 1992 at the HAL [...]

Smart sensors go lensless for smart cities

Gale Morrison of Semiconductor Engineering recently penned an article about the various challenges associated with building smart cities of the future. As Morrison notes, governments around the globe are beginning to tap into a world [...]

Future smart buildings will adapt and learn

Tom Carroll of JLL property services recently penned an article for the UK-based publication Computing that explores the future of intelligent buildings. As Carroll explains, advanced sensors and the ubiquitous adoption of mobile devices, combined [...]

Solid State Circuits Magazine highlights lensless smart sensors

A Rambus VLSI Symposium paper on lensless smart sensor (LSS) technology has been cited in Solid State Circuits Magazine. “In an invited paper, Rambus presented an overview of lensless smart sensors that rely on phase-modulated diffraction [...]

Silicon Republic talks Lensless Smart Sensors (LSS)

Silicon Republic journalists recently put together a list of 13 pioneering technology projects currently underway at Cork’s Tyndall National Institute, including vibration energy harvesting, PiezoMEMS, Micro-transfer printing, electrochemical energy storage and Lensless Smart Sensors (LSS). [...]

Video: Enabling augmented reality (AR) with lensless smart sensors

Rambus Lensless Smart Sensors (LSS) take a novel approach to sensing by combining ultra-small diffractive gratings with standard image sensors to deliver advanced capabilities in a form factor ideal for AR and VR devices. So, [...]

Video: The future of mobile payments

Mobile payments offer a plethora of benefits for consumers, retailers and financial institutions. For consumers, mobile wallets provide a convenient, “tap and go” frictionless commerce experience that seamlessly integrates loyalty cards, boarding passes, ID cards, [...]

Eyeing the future of smart cities

Rambus principal research scientist Patrick Gill recently penned an article for Telecoms Tech about how lensless smart sensors (LSS) can potentially play an important role in building future smart cities. As Gill notes, LSS technology [...]

Motherboard talks security and Rambus


Motherboard’s Michael Byrne recently covered a paper written by Rambus chief scientist Paul Kocher for Communications of the ACM. In the paper, Kocher observes that computer security issues have far exceeded the limits of the [...]

What if HAL 9000 had been lensless?

The fictional HAL 9000 is a sentient computer that made its infamous on-screen debut in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the 1968 film directed by Stanley Kubrick, HAL is depicted in the [...]

Redesigning smart sensors for the IoT

Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering observes that sensor technology is beginning to change on a fundamental level. Indeed, companies are now looking beyond the five senses – on which early sensors were modeled – to [...]

Evolving machine design with gesture and eye tracking

Jeff Orr, Research Director for ABI Research, says gesture, eye tracking and proximity sensor technologies will mark the next stage of innovation for machine design. Indeed, driven by smartphone and tablet sensor integration, a more extensive [...]

Why megapixels are only part of the smartphone camera equation


Carolyn Mathas of Electronics 360 recently penned a blog post exploring the ever-higher resolutions supported by smartphone cameras. “What [really] drives the need for ever-higher smartphone camera pixel count today—bragging rights or stunning selfies?” she [...]

Algorithms for the enterprise


A Gartner analyst has recommended that IT leaders begin designing their algorithmic business models – both to capitalize on their potential for business differentiation and to mitigate the possible risks involved. "The significant development and [...]

Evaluating lensless smart sensors (LSS)

Rambus lensless smart sensor (LSS) technology enables a new generation of low-power sensing by capturing information-rich images with a low-cost phase grating, standard image sensors and sophisticated computational algorithms. More specifically, the spiral grating of [...]

Prototyping lensless eye trackers for head mounted displays

Rambus scientists Patrick Gill and Thomas Vogelsang recently presented a paper titled “Lensless Smart Sensors: Optical and Thermal Sensing for the Internet of Things” at the 2016 VLSI Symposia. As Julien Happich of the EE [...]

Designing the smart office of the future

A recent white paper authored by U.S. furniture giant Haworth describes how sophisticated sensors deployed in the workplace of the future could help contribute to employee well being and increased productivity. According to Dezeen Magazine, [...]

Mining edge nodes to optimize the Cloud

Somshubhro Pal Choudhury, MD, Analog Devices India, recently told the Financial Express that directly transporting sensor data to the Cloud via a gateway is little more than a recipe for disaster. “This leads to a [...]

Optimizing edge nodes for the IoT

Jacob Harel of Zeidman Technologies recently noted that IoT developers are currently spending the majority of their resources finding ways to collect and analyze data. “The twist, and pitfall, is that the amount of data [...]

Redefining the consumer landscape with AR

Professor Ko De Ruyter of Cass Business School recently noted that augmented reality (AR) has already positively altered the retail experience for consumers. "Companies such as IKEA, L'Oreal, and BMW have added AR applications to [...]

The algorithms of No Man’s Sky


Developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games, ‘No Man's Sky’ is built around a procedurally generated deterministic open universe that contains a staggering 18.4 quintillion planets. The game also boasts complete solar systems, [...]

Seeing invisible physics with diamonds

Ania Jayich and the Quantum Sensing and Imaging Group at UC Santa Barbara have developed new sensor technology capable of nanometer-scale spatial resolution and exquisite sensitivity. Image Credit: Quantum Sensing and Imaging Group at UC [...]

Video: Making buildings smart

Rambus’ lensless smart sensors (LSS) offer a novel approach to sensing by combining ultra-small diffractive gratings with standard image sensors. Light passing through the diffractive grating is intelligently spread onto the image sensor below to [...]

Smart homes can’t always depend on the Internet

Jared Newman of FastCompany recently noted that buying into a smart home ecosystem is somewhat analogous to selecting a holy grail in the Temple of the Sun. Choose poorly, he says, and everything crumbles. “Maybe [...]

Taking a closer look at computer vision

A team of researchers is developing a system that will ultimately be capable of automatically describing a series of images based on the feelings such pictures might evoke. "Captioning is about taking concrete objects and [...]

The evolution of augmented reality (AR)

Wearable augmented reality (AR) devices are still at a relatively nascent stage. As the technology progresses, augmented reality will likely face a number of obstacles, including evolving social mores, strict adherence to Moore’s Law and [...]

Reduction of CMOS image sensor read noise to enable photon counting

Rambus’ Jay Endsley, Thomas Vogelsang and Michael Guidash, along with Jiaju Ma of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, have published a new article about CMOS imaging in Sensors. Titled “Reduction of CMOS [...]

Deciphering sensor data for wearables

Makenna Breitenfeld, the Chief Analyst at Argus Insights, recently penned an EE Times article about wearables and associated apps. As Breitenfeld opines, the current app experience is limiting the usefulness of wearable products. To be [...]

Understanding the multiple reflections effect

Written by Patrick Gill, Principal Research Scientist, Rambus Labs As a kid, I can remember the rare treat of visiting a house where two mirrors were mounted to face each other on opposite walls. Any [...]

The uncanny valleys of VR

Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash says the industry needs to improve the way individuals are represented – in all their uniqueness – within a VR framework. “Other people are what we are most highly tuned [...]

IoT on the edge

McObject CEO Steve Graves recently noted that there is little industry discussion about data management on so-called edge nodes comprising the Internet of Things (IoT). “A vast number of edge devices will need to store, [...]

From Silicon Valley to Egypt National Science Week


The Egypt National Science Week is a nationwide celebration to promote science and technology throughout the country, comprising numerous lectures, panel discussions, science demonstrations, robot competitions, cultural events and more, held at universities in major [...]

Designing the eyes of the IoT

Rambus recently participated in the 4YFN Innovators Breakfast with IXDS and Bosch at the MWC (Fira Montjuic) MLove Lounge. During the event, Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel discussed his take on design thinking, with a focus [...]

The LSS-VR connection

A slew of virtual reality (VR) products are on display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, including LG’s VR headset for the new G5 smartphone. Meanwhile, Samsung set up an entire theater dedicated to VR [...]

Rambus lensless smart sensors go thermal

Rambus scientists have debuted thermal-enabled lensless smart sensor (LSS) technology at MWC 2016 in Barcelona. As Rambus Labs VP Gary Bronner notes, LSS now supports thermal capabilities alongside the visible spectrum. “LSS can enable a [...]

Jerome Nadel to talk lensless smart sensors at MWC 2016

On February 24, Rambus will participate in the 4YFN Innovators Breakfast with IXDS and Bosch at the MWC MLove Lounge (Fira Montjuic, Hall 8) from 11AM to 12PM. During the event, Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel [...]

Researchers eye optical flow for drone navigation

Alexander Hellemans of IEEE Spectrum recently reported that a number of drone designers are currently exploring a technique known as optical flow, which is based on the speed of objects passing a subject’s field of [...]

Smart sensors for the IoT

Tom Kevan of Desktop Engineering recently observed that the Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing measurement analytics to the edge of the network – essentially redefining the sensor’s place in the electromechanical ecosystem. “No longer [...]

A market outlook for the IoT

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Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel recently headlined a CES 2016 AppNation panel exploring the market potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). The panel was moderated by Matthew Quint of the Columbia Business School, and also [...]

New York Times talks lensless smart sensors

Dave Gershgorn of the New York Times recently noted that the optics of the camera obscura have faithfully served photographers for ages. Indeed, the recipe has been kept fairly simple throughout the years: a lens, [...]

Reimagining the future of smart manufacturing

Written by Dr. Patrick Gill, Rambus Principal Research Scientist From its inception, the Internet has been revolutionary in the way it moves data. Let's explore what makes the Internet so effective, and determine if we [...]

Going lensless with ZDNet

Terry Relph-Knight of ZDNet recently noted that the successful design of very low-cost imaging sensors might perhaps be achieved by “doing away” with the conventional lens altogether. “The principle of a camera without a lens [...]

Rambus is @ ARMTechCon 2015

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Rambus – a silver sponsor of ARM TechCon 2015 – is kicking off the show this morning with a series of live demos centered on the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). “The vision of the [...]

Understanding sensor data and context

Toby McClean recently noted on LinkedIn Pulse that the value of sensor data is lost when each and every device maker or IoT system defines a new model of observation or measurement. “The value is [...]

Searching for life on Mars with spider silk sensors

Did you know that optical sensors made with spider silk could one day help scientists search for trace gases such as ammonia produced by biological processes on Mars? “The scientists hunting for life on Mars [...]

Eyeing the IoT with the ARM-powered Raspberry Pi

Did you know that Rambus’ lensless smart sensor (LSS) shield runs atop the ARM-powered Raspberry Pi 2 Model B? For the uninitiated, the RPI2 Model B packs a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU alongside 1GB [...]

Lensless computational sensor clinches “Best Paper Award”

The International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA) recently presented the “Best Paper Award” to a team of Rambus researchers for their work on ultra-miniature, computationally efficient diffractive visual-bar-position sensors. Authored by Mehjabin Monjur, Leonidas [...]

Can smart sensors help optogenetic tech evolve?

Optogenetic technology combines genetic targeting of specific neurons or proteins with optical technology for imaging or control of the targets within intact, living neural circuits. As Professor Karl Deisseroth of Stanford University notes, emerging technologies [...]

Dartmouth engineers unveil new Quanta Image Sensor (QIS)

Researchers at Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering have unveiled a new Quanta Image Sensor (QIS) designed to significantly enhance low-light sensitivity. Thayer professor Eric Fossum, the engineer and physicist who invented the CMOS image sensor [...]