Differential Power Analysis

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The importance of a hardware root-of-trust in an anti-counterfeiting IC


Scott Best, a technical director at Rambus Security, has written an article for Semiconductor Engineering about the important role a hardware root-of-trust plays in an anti-counterfeiting IC. As Best explains, during manufacture, an anti-counterfeiting security IC is [...]

Living in a post-Meltdown and Spectre world


Paul Kocher talks Meltdown and Spectre Last month, SiFive hosted a seminar that featured senior Rambus technology advisor Paul Kocher. During the seminar, Kocher discussed a number of security related topics, including side-channel (SCA) differential [...]

Rambus and Gemalto clinch side-channel countermeasures deal

Patent license agreement Rambus has signed a patent license agreement with Gemalto that covers the use of our patented security technologies – including Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures, which protect devices against DPA and other [...]

Rambus joins Microsemi’s SoC Partner Program

Rambus has joined Microsemi Corporation’s System-on-Chip (SoC) Partner Program. This means Microsemi field programmable gate array (FPGA) customers can now select advanced security solutions developed by Rambus to protect against side-channel attacks for highly-sensitive markets, [...]

FDA wary over medical device hacks

Casey Harper of The Hill reports that regulators and medical device makers “are bracing” for an expected barrage of hacking attacks. “High-profile attacks have hit hospitals and health insurers, and now attention is turning to [...]

Understanding the evolution of side-channel attacks

Earlier this month, Christopher Gori, a senior director of product management in Rambus' security division, wrote an article for Semiconductor Engineering about the evolution of side-channel attacks. As Gori explains, a side-channel attack can perhaps best [...]

Protecting implanted medical devices (IMDs) from side-channel attacks

Did you know that millions of implanted medical devices (IMDs) do not typically receive software upgrades to address security vulnerabilities? Such devices – which are often connected via the internet or wireless technologies – include [...]

Paul Kocher moderates Cryptographers’ Panel at RSA 2017

Paul Kocher, the President and Chief Scientist of Rambus’ Cryptography Research division, moderated the RSA Cryptographers’ Panel on February 14, 2017. Participants, including Adi Shamir, Whitfield Diffie, Susan Landau and Ronald Rivest, discussed the latest [...]

Rambus renews DPA countermeasures license with Thales e-Security

Rambus has renewed its Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures license agreement with Thales e-Security. Under the new five-year agreement, the Thales line of hardware security modules (HSMs) will be protected against side-channel attacks in a [...]

Set-top boxes go cardless with hardware security cores

Embedded security cores are becoming an increasingly popular option for set-top box chipsets. To be sure, set-top boxes that eschew smart cards in favor of hardware security cores offer operators robust protection with embedded, integrated [...]

Semiconductor Engineering highlights side-channel attacks

Brian Bailey of Semiconductor Engineering has written an article that highlights the danger side-channel attacks pose to connected devices and systems. “As the world begins to take security more seriously, it becomes evident that a device is [...]

Tom’s Hardware highlights DPA countermeasures

Earlier this week, we announced that NVIDIA had licensed Rambus’ Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures to protect its visual computing products against side-channel attacks. As Nathaniel Mott of Tom’s Hardware reports, Rambus’ countermeasures will help [...]

NVIDIA licenses DPA countermeasures

NVIDIA has licensed Rambus’ Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures to protect its visual computing products against side-channel attacks. As Dr. Martin Scott, GM of Rambus’ Security Division notes, NVIDIA products help drive performance for some [...]

Going cardless for CAS with a hardware root-of-trust

The majority of set-top boxes (STBs) on the market in the 1990s were secured by Conditional Access System (CAS) smart cards that stored STB identities along with their respective service rights. While these early smart cards [...]

Safecracking goes high-tech with side-channel attacks


During the early days of safecracking, rudimentary rotary locks were compromised by feel or sound to determine the correct combination. Following in this tradition, a security researcher known as Plore recently demonstrated how side-channel attacks [...]

Protecting avionic systems from side-channel attack

Asaf Ashkenazi, a senior director of product marketing at Rambus’ security division, recently sat down with Neil Tyler of NewElectronics to discuss the potential threat side-channel attacks pose to avionic systems. As Tyler points out, [...]

Rambus inks security licensing agreement with Idaho Scientific

Rambus has signed an agreement with Idaho Scientific to license its Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures. According to Dr. Martin Scott, general manager of Rambus’s Security Division, the DPA countermeasures will be used in Idaho [...]

Boeing licenses DPA countermeasures

Rambus and Boeing have inked a licensing agreement for the inclusion of advanced differential power analysis (DPA) countermeasures in Boeing products. According to Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Security Division [...]

Rambus extends DPA countermeasures license with NAGRA

Rambus has extended its licensing agreement with NAGRA, a digital TV division of the Kudelski Group, for the use of its Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures in NAGRA digital TV offerings. “NAGRA has shown that [...]

EE Times talks Rambus and automotive security

Junko Yoshida of the EE Times reports that Rambus is diving into the field of cyber-security for OTA vehicle updates, which she describes as a “red-hot” issue for the current automotive market. “Rambus, a semiconductor [...]

Rambus inks security license agreement with Altis Semiconductor

Rambus’ Cryptography Research division has signed a licensing agreement with Altis Semiconductor for the use of advanced security technologies. The agreement includes differential power analysis (DPA) countermeasure techniques, which are designed to protect against DPA [...]

There is no giant Faraday cage for the IoT


A Faraday cage or Faraday shield can best be defined as an enclosure formed by conductive material that is used to block electric fields. As such, Faraday cages either heavily attenuate or block the reception [...]

Paul Kocher to moderate RSA Cryptographers’ panel


Paul Kocher, the President and Chief Scientist of Rambus’ Cryptography Research division, will be moderating the RSA 2016 Cryptographers’ Panel on March 1st at 9:50AM. Participants, including Adi Shamir, Moxie Marlinspike, Ronald Rivest and Whitfield [...]

Rambus and Riverside Research to co-host security workshop

Rambus’ Cryptography Research division and Riverside Research will be co-hosting a two-day workshop on identifying and preventing advanced security threats. The workshop – scheduled for November 18-19, 2015 – is targeted at hardware and software [...]

Evolving differential power analysis targets SIM cards

Ernest Worthman of Semiconductor Engineering recently noted that differential power analysis (DPA) has been a threat vector on the chip landscape for a number of years. “[DPA] was discovered around the mid 1990s by the [...]

Winbond licenses DPA countermeasures from Rambus Cryptography Research

Winbond Electronics has licensed differential power analysis (DPA) countermeasures from Rambus’ Cryptography Research division. By implementing DPA countermeasures in flash memory components, Winbond will ensure the data integrity of products that run applications requiring a [...]

When power becomes a problem

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Semiconductor Engineering editor in chief Ed Sperling recently reported that the current emphasis on lowering power – in everything from wearable electronics to data centers – is turning into a “perfect storm” for the semiconductor [...]

Cyber attacks target IP and military secrets

Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers recently testified before the House Armed Services Committee on cyber operations and improving the military’s cybersecurity posture. Rogers, who serves as U.S. CyberCom chief, confirmed that the global movement of [...]

Rambus Cryptography Research helps Barco Silex thwart PoS security threats

The Cryptography Research division of Rambus recently clinched a partnership agreement with Barco Silex. According to Rambus Cryptography VP Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, the agreement allows Barco Silex to develop DPA-resistant solutions that will help accelerate time-to-market [...]

Securing the warfighter on a 21st century battlefield

Often located in close proximity to hostile territory, forward operating bases (FOBs) are typically used to support tactical operations. Although FOBs are routinely supported by Main Operating Bases, adverse conditions may act to temporarily delay [...]