Interac: Securing Canada’s Mobile Payments

Download Interac®: Securing Canada’s Mobile Payments to learn how Interac utilizes tokenization technology to combat fraud and stay at the forefront of payments technology. Case study overview: Learn about the customer challenge See the results and benefits after implementing tokenization technology To learn more about the Rambus Token Service Provider, please click here. [...]

Securing Crypto Assets on the Blockchain with Vaultify Trade

The rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency ecosystem demonstrates the power of the blockchain to revolutionize financial services and beyond. Thus, a secure foundation of trust and transparency is needed – starting with a new approach for blockchain implementations. Vaultify Trade provides that secure foundation of trust and transparency.

The Blockchain – Not As Secure As You Think

The blockchain has the potential to touch all aspects of our everyday lives, from buying and trading cryptocurrency, to securing vital healthcare records, to proving that a tomato really is organic. The security challenges, specifically the vulnerability of private keys faced by the cryptocurrency market, prove that before the transformative impact of blockchain technology can [...]

Vaultify Trade

Vaultify Trade is the first blockchain security platform utilizing tokenization to enable end users to invest in crypto assets with ease through their trusted mobile banking and wallet apps. Holding top cryptocurrencies in a single wallet and accessing multiple exchanges through a single interface, Vaultify Trade is bringing trust and simplicity to blockchain and crypto [...]

Token Gateway Product Brief

Token Gateway serves as a single interface to multiple network tokenization services to request EMV payment card tokens. Token gateway enables token requestors to shorten their time to market, reduce cost due to limited PCI compliancy requirements and avoid manual specification updates. Token Gateway supports tokens both for digital wallets (host card emulation) and e-commerce [...]

What is Card-on-file EMV Payment Tokenization

The way we pay is changing. Consumers are now using their PC, smartphones, wearable devices and even cars to buy goods and services. The size and value of the card-not-present (CNP) market, therefore, is increasing exponentially as payment use-cases across e-commerce, m-commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT) emerge and mature.

5 Reasons Why e-Commerce Sites Need a Token Gateway

Card-on-file is fundamental to the digital commerce ecosystem, as it facilitates the delivery of payment methods such as one-click ordering and recurring payments. As merchants and PSPs move towards implementing card-on-file EMV payment tokenization, solutions that simplify integration and ongoing maintenance, while adding additional value, can deliver considerable competitive advantages. Token Gateways are gaining momentum [...]

All Aboard: The Journey to Mobile Ticketing

As technology evolves, it shapes the world around it. This is evident in public transportation where smartphones represent the next evolution for ticketing. A recent Juniper Research report notes that mobile and wearable ticket purchases are projected to exceed 14 billion in 2018. This accounts for 54% of total digital ticket sales across transport and [...]

The Rising Need for Satellite Security

Satellites today contain highly complex embedded microelectronics systems complete with processing, data storage, and data receiving/transmitting capabilities. Further, they are controlled by ground stations, computers in data centers. They are therefore susceptible to threats prevalent in cloud computing architectures including insider threats, malicious downloads, etc. As such, satellite security must include access control to grant [...]

Securing the Connected Ecosystem: Leading Security Solutions and Approaches for IoT

In this Frost & Sullivan analysis, the report describes key requirements in the Internet of Things (IoT) security market and presents details of how Rambus addresses these needs through effective, economical and easy-to-deploy IoT security solutions.