Enables easy-to-integrate countermeasures as further deterrent to side-channel attacks

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – September 30, 2014 – Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS), today announced that its Cryptography Research division has introduced a family of differential power analysis (DPA) resistant cryptographic cores. As part of Rambus’ overall IP cores program, these ready-to-use IP cores offer chipmakers an easy-to-integrate security solution with built-in side channel resistance for cryptographic functions across a wide range of connected devices. Leading with high-performance AES cryptographic cores, these DPA resistant solutions provide SoC manufacturers with a seamless solution that enables them to devote resources to differentiating features and reduce implementation time.

“Instances of data theft are increasing at an alarming rate,” said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, vice president of Products and Marketing of the Rambus Cryptography Research division. “These threats highlight the vulnerability of valuable and sensitive data in all of our connected devices. By enhancing today’s standard cryptographic cores with robust DPA resistance, we ensure our customers have a higher level of protection with validated solutions.”

DPA attacks use variations in the electrical power consumption or RF emissions of a targeted device to derive secret keys from crypto algorithms. Many industries, including payments, content protection and defense, now require that chipsets include protection against DPA attacks. By packaging DPA countermeasures into cryptographic IP cores, robust DPA resistance can now be easily integrated into SoCs using hardware cores or software libraries. These solutions provide flexible side-channel resistance validated to different security and performance levels based on product requirements.

As one of the most widely used encryption algorithms for both commercial and government applications, the initial offering includes both 128- and 256-bit AES cryptographic cores. The product roadmap includes a full suite of solutions across all standard algorithms, such as 3DES, ECC, SHA, and government-recommended Suite B. These cores are validated to resist first- and second-order DPA attacks up to 10 million traces and can be optimized for size, speed, and security level, based on customer requirements.

Having discovered side-channel attacks, Cryptography Research scientists have developed a comprehensive portfolio of application-specific hardware core and software library solutions that chipmakers can use to build DPA resistant products. These DPA resistant solutions can be integrated into a wide range of SoCs, including power-sensitive mobile applications, highly secure anti-tampering and performance-driven multi-core processors. These cores and libraries are accompanied by a variety of tools, such as the DPA Workstation™, as well as services and system IP to help chipmakers improve system margins, reduce cost, focus on product differentiation and speed time-to-market.

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Cryptography Research, a division of Rambus Inc., is a leader in semiconductor security research and development. Established by internationally renowned cryptographer Paul Kocher, Cryptography Research develops and licenses innovative technologies in areas including tamper resistance, content protection, anti-counterfeiting, network security, and financial services. Over eight billion security products are made each year under license from Cryptography Research. Security systems designed by Cryptography Research scientists and engineers protect hundreds of billions of dollars in commerce annually. Additional information is available at cryptography.com.

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