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The Blockchain – Future or Fad?

Andre Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments Since the publication of “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, cryptocurrencies have evolved from the plaything of cyberpunks, to an increasingly mainstream phenomenon worth billions today. But as Marc Kenigsberg, founder of Bitcoin Chaser, said, “Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its […]

Securing Crypto Assets on the Blockchain

By Andre Stoorvogel, Director of Product Marketing, Rambus Payments The rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency ecosystem demonstrates the power of the blockchain to revolutionize financial services and beyond. Yet at the same time, the inherent volatility provides a cautionary tale. With blockchain implementations gaining traction, it is clear that a new approach is required to […]

Mobile World Congress 2019: A payments perspective

Andre Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments For anyone attending Mobile World Congress last week, they have no doubt gone to bed dreaming of 5G networks and foldable smartphones. But dig a little deeper, and there was a lot more up for discussion (honestly). As always, the show offered insight into the big trends that […]

The blockchain…not as secure as you think

With fraud, breaches and threats reaching pandemic proportions across the entire digital ecosystem, the blockchain is hyped as an instant fix to resolve security challenges for use-cases spanning financial services, retail, real estate, healthcare and insurance. The potential is powerful, but the blockchain needs help to be truly secure. Given the high-value and safety-critical nature […]

Crypto, commerce and a competitive edge – what we learnt at Money 20/20

The financial technology sector converged on Las Vegas for Money 20/20 last week, bringing together the biggest industry names to discuss the future of the payments, finance and commerce. Following four days of discussions, hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees, what caught our eye at Money 20/20? Cryptocurrencies, meet security The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies […]

Bitcoin 10 Year Anniversary: Market Opportunity for the Next 10 Years

With Bitcoin’s 10-year anniversary today (Happy Halloween! by the way), there are varying opinions on the progress that Bitcoin has made in the marketplace and what it will continue to do going forward. While still extremely volatile, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin specifically is the most prominent and widespread use case of a public blockchain, currently at […]

Rambus Reports Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results

Third quarter GAAP revenue of $59.8 million; revenue under ASC 605 would have been $99.8 million, in line with expectations; $31.6 million in cash provided by operating activities Third quarter GAAP royalty revenue of $33.6 million, royalty revenue under ASC 605 would have been $75.7 million and licensing billings of $75.4 million New and renewed […]

The Blockchain – Not As Secure As You Think

The blockchain has the potential to touch all aspects of our everyday lives, from buying and trading cryptocurrency, to securing vital healthcare records, to proving that a tomato really is organic. The security challenges, specifically the vulnerability of private keys faced by the cryptocurrency market, prove that before the transformative impact of blockchain technology can […]

Rambus’ Vaultify Trade will secure transfer of cryptocurrencies and protect storage

Rambus is boarding the blockchain bus with the unveiling of Vaultify Trade, a platform that enables the secure storage and transfer of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets using proven, bank-grade, field-deployed tokenization and encryption technology.

Rambus and STACK Team Up to Envision the Future of Secure Virtual Assets for the Next Generation of Mobile Banking

Taking on visionary roles, Rambus and Canadian challenger bank STACK are looking at a bright future for a new generation of mobile banking with secure virtual assets on blockchain. With a constant eye on the future of money, STACK has a mobile-first, fee-free philosophy with a focus on millennials as their primary customers.  After passing […]

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