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SolidCore™ Reflectors

Fixtures that use traditional free-space reflectors — those that allow light to travel through air — can be cumbersome and inefficient when producing high-intensity beams of light. As an alternative to free-space reflectors, SolidCore™ reflectors are compact optics that produce high-brightness, collimated beams ideal for high-powered spotlights. SolidCore™ Reflectors enable smaller, thinner and lighter-weight fixtures […]

Abellio ScotRail aims for 60% Smart with Nevis System

July 2015 Abellio has chosen the ITSO-based smart ticketing system provided by Nevis Technologies and has big plans for smart ticketing. Abellio chooses Nevis Technologies as its smart ticketing provider The Dutch company has been running the ScotRail franchise since April this year and has big plans for smart ticketing. Nevis Technologies back office HOPS […]

Ford and HP hit the road with Big Data analytics

Ford and Hewlett Packard (HP) have completed a real-world driving experiment that explored ways of improving personalized services, bolstering recommendations for individual drivers and optimizing fleet management. Image Credit: Ford The Ford Fleet Insights experiment included HP vehicles equipped with wireless sensors – with Hewlett Packard’s Vertica analytics engine (part of the HP Haven platform) subsequently […]


From smart phones to smart sensors, our lives are becoming increasingly centered around the mobile and connected devices that simplify and enhance our daily tasks. At Rambus, we specialize in chip-to-cloud-to-crowd trust, because consumers want to confidently engage in new ways of buying, traveling, watching and interacting – all on the mobile edge. From embedded security to smart ticketing to mobile payments, Rambus has a suite of solutions to not only enable the technologies that make your life easier, but to secure them as well.

Bat sensors eyed for next-gen aircraft

Equipped with forelimbs that form webbed wings, bats are the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Although most microbat species have evolved small and poorly developed eyes, their navigational capabilities are bolstered by echolocation and a unique array of sensory receptors embedded in the wings. Indeed, a recent Cell Reports study suggests […]

Rail Passengers will win after the Election – but by how much?

Much is being made of the likelihood of a hung parliament at the UK general election, of coalitions and of deals being struck behind closed doors. It all points to uncertainty and speculation about many of our most important public services. Doctors, police officers, civil servants and many more will be wondering what the next […]

Securing silicon with a hardware-based root of trust

Steven Woo, VP of solutions marketing and distinguished inventor at Rambus, recently sat down with Anne Fisher of Embedded Systems Engineering to discuss the burgeoning security requirements of a rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT). According to Woo, the semiconductor industry now realizes security is a critical goal that needs to be treated as a […]

CNET talks Rambus lensless smart sensors

A number of prominent journalists covered Rambus’ lensless smart sensors (LSS) demo during Mobile World Congress 2015, including CNET’s Stephen Shankland. “With chip-based camera technology from Rambus, your next smartphone may understand a new range of commands issued by moving your hands and wiggling your fingers in front of the screen instead of by touching […]

Bramble Subway Smartcard now Live with Payzone

March 2015 Subway Smartcard users can now buy tickets in shops around Glasgow  Payzone outlets across Glasgow now offer pay as you go top-ups as well as the ability to buy Subway season ticket products at convenience stores and newsagents around the city. Smart card holders can now top up at Payzone outlets, selected due […]

A Blueprint for Smart Rail Travel

A recent study by the Office of Rail Regulation has found that rail passenger journeys are continuing to increase. With the national network already at breaking point, this growing demand could break the system if steps are not taken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Adopting smart ticketing within transport strategies at a […]

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