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Compute Express Link (CXL): All you need to know

[Last updated on: January 23, 2024] In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at Compute Express Link®™ (CXL®™), an open standard cache-coherent interconnect between processors and accelerators, smart NICs, and memory devices. We explore how CXL can help data centers more efficiently handle the tremendous memory performance demands of generative AI and other advanced workloads. […]

SAE levels of automation in cars simply explained (+Image)

Formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE International is a global professional association and standards organization. SAE International focuses primarily on global transport industries such as aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicles. In 2014, SAE International created the following six levels of driving automation which have since been adopted by the U.S. Department of […]

Autonomous Vehicles: Everything about self-driving cars explained

A self-driving car is a computer-controlled vehicle that drives itself. Also referred to as an autonomous vehicle, driverless car, or robotic car (robo-car), a self-driving car analyzes its environment to safely move and react without human input. In this article, you’ll learn: 6 levels of autonomous cars History of autonomous vehicles How do self-driving cars […]

Rambus Delivers CXL 2.0 Controller with Industry-leading Zero-Latency IDE

Highlights: Offers security at speed with integrated IDE modules for unmatched performance in data center infrastructure Provides zero-latency data encryption for CXL.mem and CXL.cache protocols Integrates with Rambus CXL 2.0 PHY for complete CXL interconnect subsystem SAN JOSE, Calif. – Oct. 5, 2021 – Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS), a premier chip and silicon IP provider […]

Rambus Announces 2020 Design Summit

The Rambus 2020 Design Summit kicks off on Thursday, October 08, 2020 at 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. Throughout the day, our technology experts will discuss the selection and implementation of IP solutions across multiple markets such as the data center, 5G/edge and IoT devices, and AI/ML applications. Critical enabling IP that will be covered […]

Rambus Design Summit

October 8, 2020 Register Today Join us for a day of virtual sessions covering the selection and implementation of IP solutions for the data center, 5G/edge and IoT devices including advancing the performance of AI/ML applications. Connect with a community of industry experts and gain insights and practical information for the implementation of their next-generation […]

Taking the Show on the Road

Starting later this month, Rambus will host a series of lunch & learns around the globe entitled “Securing Electronic Systems at their Foundation.”  These technical sessions are designed for engineering, product, and program management staff at both defense and commercial OEMs. Interactive in nature, they will address specific security issues facing attendees. Topics that attendees […]

The Autobahn Lanes of HBM2 and GDDR6

Narrow roads versus silicon superhighways Steven Woo, Rambus fellow and distinguished inventor, recently spoke with Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering about the capabilities of HBM2 and GDDR6 memory in real-world scenarios. As Woo notes, choosing between HBM2 and GDDR6 is a complex design decision that requires an in-depth understanding of system and application requirements. For […]

From Multilayer Perceptrons to GANs

Written by Steven Woo In our previous blog post, we discussed the history of neural networks (NNs) and machine learning (ML). We also took a closer look at some of the memory standards that are currently powering a diverse range of NNs and ML applications. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the more […]

You must embrace, threats from cyberspace, to your card-on-file database

You must embrace, threats from cyberspace, to your card-on-file database By Andre Stoorvogel, Rambus It is hard not to become desensitized to the almost daily news of data breaches. Back in September, WIRED assessed 16 of the most high-profile hacks of 2018 and payment data was a common theme in many of them. Sure, identity […]

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