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ScotRail Announces Pilot for Mobile Ticket App

ScotRail has announced a pilot scheme for a new mobile ticketing app that could streamline rail travel across Scotland.

ScotRail to introduce Rambus’ mobile ticketing solution

Scotland’s national rail operator ScotRail is to introduce Rambus’ mobile ticketing solution as part of a pilot scheme to support hassle-free travel. ScotRail customers will be able to use the all-in-one solution, HCE Ticket Wallet Service, to buy and download tickets with their smartphone.

ScotRail launches pioneering smart mobile ticketing application

ScotRail has announced the launch of an innovative mobile ticketing pilot which will enable rail customers in Scotland to buy, store and travel with tickets directly on their smartphone using a pioneering mobile ticketing app. Developed by Rambus Inc, the new all-in-one solution is built into ScotRail’s existing app and enables customers to skip the […]

ScotRail rolling out ticket purchases on mobile phone app

ScotRail customers will be able to buy and store train tickets directly on their mobile phones. The rail operator’s existing app is being upgraded to allow travellers to download tickets onto their smartphone. Customers will be able to skip queues at ticket vending machines before “tapping” through gates using Android’s NFC feature.

Rambus Brings Secure Mobile Ticketing to Scotland’s Railway

ScotRail customers can use their smartphone for seamless travel SUNNYVALE, CA and GLASGOW, UK – July 30, 2018 – Today, Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS) announced the launch of its award-winning mobile ticketing solution for a pilot with Scotland’s national rail operator, ScotRail. The new all-in-one solution is fully integrated with ScotRail’s existing ticketing app and […]

Mobile Payments: A Way of Life in the Middle Kingdom

While mobile payments are starting to catch on in the United States, mobile payments in China are so prevalent, they have begun to shape everyday life in the country. Chinese users are able to hop on the subway or bus, shop in a supermarket or convenience store, pay for needed supplies while on campus or […]

Rambus Smart Ticketing Solutions for West Midlands Trains

Rambus is working with West Midlands Trains to support the rollout of smart ticketing across its rail network. This new deployment will help deliver a modern smart travel experience for passengers with Rambus’ interoperable ticketing solution acting as the backbone of the deployment. Smart ticketing can drive greater use of public transport by improving the […]

Rambus and West Midlands Trains Pair Up to Deliver Smart Ticketing across its Network

Rambus’ smart ticketing solutions will underpin West Midlands Trains ITSO-based transport tickets SUNNYVALE, CA and GLASGOW, UK – June 26, 2018 –Today, Rambus Inc (NASDAQ: RMBS) announced the implementation of its smart ticketing software, including a Host Operator or Processing System (HOPS), Card Management System (CMS) and mobile app by West Midlands Trains Ltd, operated […]

Buying in Korea with crypto

South Korea has an interesting relationship with cryptocurrency, a relationship that could be best likened to a bowl of kimchi: hot and cold. The South Korean government has mulled over possible regulations to cryptocurrencies, and has already enacted measures on January 30th, 2018 to tackle money laundering, restricting trading to real-name bank accounts, alongside banning […]

The rise of smart ticketing

Smart ticketing has made significant progress in the United Kingdom, but while there are a few challenges and points of friction to adoption, Rambus’ Russell McCullagh is optimistic about the future of smart ticketing. He said that while adoption in the UK has been a “sometimes frustrating and a slow journey,” he has nevertheless seen […]

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