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CryptoFirewall Consumable Core

Our hardware-based Consumable core is a cost-effective and robust security solution designed to prevent counterfeiting of mass-market consumables and peripherals including mobile accessories, medical devices, printer supplies, batteries and automotive components. This tamper-resistant security core can be integrated into existing chips, or implemented as a discrete security chip on consumables for unsurpassed protection against counterfeiting.


Product Brief

How CryptoFirewall Consumable Core works

Using field-proven, integrated anti-tamper security technologies, the Consumable core works in conjunction with either our CryptoFirewall Verifier core or firmware to provide consumers and manufacturers assurance of authenticity.

Secure device authentication: Each consumable or peripheral contains a low-cost security chip with the Consumable core that communicates with either a CryptoFirewall Verifier core or with firmware on the system-side SoC to authenticate and verify system integrity

Secure usage authentication: The core contains usage counters with balances to authorize and track usage. Balances are decremented with each use, and once the balance reaches zero, the system no longer authenticates.

CryptoFirewall Consumable Core block diagram

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