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CryptoManager Infrastructure

Our CryptoManager Infrastructure automates and secures the provisioning of device services across the supply chain, reducing operating costs and accelerating time-to-market. It is designed to easily integrate into any manufacturing facility without disruption to existing operations.


Product Brief

How it works

Our Infrastructure enables the secure provisioning of device services throughout the distributed manufacturing supply chain. Device services are a broad range of secure transactions, including key delivery and programming, protection of debug/RMA modes, and chip feature management. Its components include the Service, the Appliance, and the Client Lib.

CryptoManager Infrastructure block diagram

Solution Offering

CryptoManager Service This is a security control center with an off-line Root Authority. It manages the distribution of data assets with the appropriate authorizations to Appliances. It includes an advanced Management Console for operators to centrally manage the Infrastructure across multiple manufacturing sites.
CryptoManager Appliance This is a tamper-resistant, rack-mounted server located at the manufacturing facility. The Appliance cluster provides local security and handles the distribution and programming of secret keys and device configuration data. It also delivers production logs and system health data to the Service.
CryptoManager Client Lib This is a set of software libraries integrated into the device test program in the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) or other in-factory systems. This software establishes secure communication between the Appliance and the Security Engine.
CryptoManager Security Engine This is a silicon IP core with a hardware root-of-trust. It provides the device with a secure communications endpoint, such that it can communicate with the Infrastructure.


DPA Countermeasures


DPA Countermeasures are fundamental techniques for protecting against Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and related side-channel attacks. Consisting of a broad range of software, hardware, and protocol techniques, DPA Countermeasures include reducing leakage, introducing amplitude and temporal noise, balancing hardware and software, incorporating randomness, and implementing protocol level countermeasures.

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