Improved citizen access to transport and local authority services sits at the heart of many concessionary transport initiatives.
Rambus has a number of local authority customers from across the UK who use our technology to deliver concessionary travel using their ENCTS or NEC smart card scheme.

Our ITSO certified solutions provide a solid foundation to help deliver a flexible and robust ticketing solution that can also be expanded to include additional citizen services.

Why should you choose Rambus technology for your concessionary transport scheme?

Our ITSO expertise is unrivalled. We developed the core ITSO technology and still run this on their behalf. We have also developed our Paragon suite of transport products which is being used in concessionary and commercial ticketing schemes with great success.

We are experienced in migrating customers from their existing technology provider, ensuring a smooth and hassle free transition. This is especially important as concern over data transfer and continued smooth operation of your ticketing scheme is paramount to us.

Our technology can be integrated with existing legacy systems, additional services provided by local authority departments can be added to your card scheme.

The ITSO specification means that smart cards and associated hardware such as terminal infrastructure is capable of being interoperable across a whole network of transport operators. Rambus has partnered with a number of equipment suppliers to ITSO enable their existing infrastructure, meaning that accessing travel rights and other entitlements is made easy for citizens. An example of where we have achieved this is our partnership with the Europe’s leading consumer payment network, Payzone UK. Rambus has enabled Payzone to deliver smart tickets and top-ups through their convenience retail network in the UK. This enables citizens to pop to their corner shop to access their travel rights.