Smart cards provide a beneficial way for local government departments to provide concessionary, discretionary and subsidized transport services.

Our smart card systems provide useful management information

Journey transactions are recorded in the back office system, so that card usage can be monitored and recorded ensuring local government department budgets are adhered to.

Smart technology that is user-friendly

Our technology is user friendly for transport service providers and end-users. Our back office is a user-friendly web-based system with a simple to use lay out. For end users, particularly the elderly and disabled, there is no need to remember PINs without a detrimental impact on security levels.

Providing an easy to use system for service providers and service users alike.

It can prevent fraudulent use of services

Smart cards are personalized with service users’ details and photographic ID. Service users can be matched up with the photograph and personalization on the smart card.

If smart cards are reported lost or stolen then they can be stop and hot listed the moment they are reported missing, preventing misuse.

Cards can be integrated with ENCTS and NEC

Our smart cards can be integrated with the type of concessionary cards that have already been issued by a large number of local authorities through the English National Concessionary Transport Scheme and the National Entitlement Card in Scotland.