Cooper WaveStream LED lighting illuminates university library

This entry was posted on Monday, May 11th, 2015.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting recently replaced old ceiling-suspended fluorescent fixtures with new Neo-Ray Index pendant luminaires in Duquesne University’s Gumberg Library. In addition, the company installed Metalux Encounter LED Series fixtures and Portfolio LED recessed downlights in library offices and hallways.

Kelley Cotter, marketing and electronic communications librarian at the Gumberg Library, told Maury Wright of LEDs Magazine that the building interior now feels considerably more vibrant and inviting.

“You can easily see the difference with the new, near-daylight LED lighting,” she said.


Image Credit: LEDs Magazine

“The library staff has commented that since the lights were installed, they have noticed an increase in the volume of students studying on the first floor.”

According to Wright, over 500 fluorescent fixtures – consuming more than 37 kW – previously illuminated the library’s first floor. Cooper replaced the fixtures with 110 Neo-Ray Index fixtures sipping just over 5 kW. The upgrade is expected to save more than 235 kWh of energy annually.

As Wright notes, the Neo-Ray Index luminaires are based on the WaveStream light-guide-based optical system that Cooper developed after licensing the baseline technology from Rambus. More specifically, WaveStream LED fixtures feature waveguides patterned with Rambus’ MicroLens® optics to deliver a precisely controlled light output.

”LEDs light the WaveStream optics from the edge while the planar light guide emits inherently uniform light,” Wright added. “Moreover, the optics can deliver illumination from both sides of the light guide as is the case with the library lighting.”

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