Host Card Emulation: What to Expect in 2016

This entry was posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2015.

In response to the rapid evolution of host card emulation (HCE), we have revised our HCE: NFC’s Missing Link eBook to include an exploration of the tokenization process and an overview of the prevailing deployment models for issuers.

The Host Card Emulation Market has Evolved

The original eBook was launched in 2014 and aimed to provide clarity on the benefits of HCE over other deployment models. Today’s customers no longer need to be convinced that HCE is an attractive route to market for mobile payments. Instead they are keen to learn about the how HCE (cloud-based) mobile payments can be secured, and which HCE deployment model is right for them. The revised eBook addresses new topics such as tokenization, token service providers, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, in order to provide relevant answers to today’s questions.

A Reference Point for Banks, Payment Schemes and Solution Providers

HCE: NFC’s Missing Link will be of interest to mobile payments industry stakeholders seeking to further their understanding of how HCE and tokenization can help service providers overcome challenges relating to NFC payment service deployment.

Bell ID and Host Card Emulation

In June 2013, we launched Secure Element in the Cloud. The award winning technology enables credentials and information related to mobile service to be securely stored and the associated processes to be executed in a cloud environment. This removes many of the complexities and cost implications related to the deployment of secure mobile services. In September 2015, Bell ID announced that this solution was the first to receive certification from three of the largest payment schemes globally, offering its customers the broadest range of options available in the market.

This year, we have worked extensively with some of the NFC industry’s most influential stakeholders, from issuing banks, national and international payment schemes and ‘Pay’ service providers, helping to bring cloud-based mobile payment offerings to market securely and efficiently. Public references include RBC, ANZ Bank and eftpos Australia.

To learn more about Secure Element in the Cloud, HCE and tokenization, watch our short video.

Host Card Emulation NFCs Missing Link