Lothian Buses selects Nevis Technologies as its smart ticketing partner

This entry was posted on Monday, March 20th, 2017.

Lothian Buses, the UK’s largest publicly owned bus company, has chosen Nevis Technologies as its smart ticketing partner. Lothian Buses will deploy the same solution used successfully by the Glasgow Subway, Abellio ScotRail and McGill’s, which is based on ITSO, the UK national open standard for smart ticketing.


Image Credit: Cal Smith (via Wikipedia)

More specifically, Nevis Technologies will deliver a platform of interoperable ticketing products that can integrate with Lothian Buses’ existing infrastructure, providing a foundation to enable new ticketing technologies for its passengers. This allows Lothian Buses to offer smart card ticketing which can also be used across other modes of transport, including rail, subway and ferry. Deployment of the new system is expected to begin this year.

According to David Braddock, Director of Nevis Technologies, the implementation of interoperable ticketing offers a truly seamless multi-model travel experience for the public.

“The adoption of our solutions by Lothian Buses takes us a step closer to making this possible across Scotland,” Braddock explained. “Our mission is to deliver more value-added services to the transport ecosystem and all its users.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Serafini, Commercial Director at Lothian Buses, noted that his company has long been a pioneer of smart ticketing, launching Scotland’s first transport smart card product back in 2001.

“Our partnership with Nevis Technologies will enable us to develop a ticketing platform that will ultimately deliver more convenient ticketing options for our customers moving forward,” said Serafini. “They have successfully delivered for rail, ferry and bus operators in Scotland and, as a key technical innovator in the smart ticketing market, are well placed to support our technical roadmap requirements both now and in the future.”

Nevis Technologies is a joint venture company between Rambus and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

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