Rambus launches off-the-shelf LED light guides

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017.

Rambus has launched a new family of off-the-shelf optical light guides that are used to create ultra-thin LED edge-lit luminaires for a broad range of lighting applications.


According to John Langevin, general manager of Lighting for Rambus, the new products deliver the performance and efficiency benefits of Rambus’ MicroLens® technology, which have shipped in over 6 million light guides and are used in fixtures around the world. The new LED light guides provide the time-to-market advantage of standard products. 

“The LED light guides use MicroLens Optics with a constant density pattern that can be utilized in a variety of form factors and applications,” he explained. “They are particularly well suited for recessed and suspended luminaires in offices, schools, hospitals and high-bay buildings. The products are cost effective, energy efficient and provide greater control and directionality of light. The standard light guides are manufactured in the United States.”


The initial launch includes three product families:

  • The S-Series employs specular optics to offer maximum ray angle control and lowest glare.
  • The DS-Series provides optimal glare control, as well as a wider downlight and uplight distribution.
  • The D-Series offers a uniform, lambertian distribution with a more diffuse appearance.

A variety of stock sizes are available for immediate shipment, or they can be cut to specific sizes.

“Until now, all of our light guides have been designed and built to custom specifications. With these new standard products, designers can have access to our MicroLens technology without tooling or non-recurring engineering fees, reducing development time and cost, as well as accelerating time to market,” Langevin added.


Interested in learning more? You can check out our LED Light Guides product page on rambus.com here.